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Illuminati .. Alkaline Photo Inside The Circle Of Fire

Shock value dancehall star Alkaline has stirred up some more controversy when he posted this photo on his social media page.

In the controversial pic, you can see the “Things Mi Love” deejay standing inside the circle of fire.

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“Tell di badmind fa dem fi chuck inna dem mumma and splash up # We Burning Up,” Alkaline captioned the photo.

The circle of fire is known as a Ritual Circle in the occult world. The Ritual Circle is a protection symbol use by people performing satanic rituals. Check wikipedia.

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alkaline eye ball tattoo


  1. bun demon artist

    one more satan inna the music a try corrupt the children dem but so dem rise so dem fall analkaline your time is numbered kartel is no more so shall u

  2. “Illuminati: If there is an Illuminati, they are not very illuminated and are nothing to worry about. They do not know the nature of reality, or they would not be trying to control it. They will not be able to change it, no matter what they think.

    Rich people are too busy being rich people to cause too much mischief. There are unseen rich and powerful people pulling strings, but they are just making themselves more rich and powerful for a short period of time. There are many groups, secret and otherwise, that are successful in spreading lies and misinformation, but almost everything is lies and misinformation in one way or another, so it really does not affect things much.- from The Present, a free book at

    What do you think about this? Agree or disagree?

  3. He looks like a raccoon

  4. Hesings about batty washing, not legitimate organization want this malnourished idiot.

  5. alkaline really tek people fi idiot!!!!! his eyeball is not tattooed!!!!!! a lll lies him a tell

    for starters look at the picture with the tattoo gun (mi body covered innna tattoos)
    there is no needle. just google a picture of tattoo gun with needle then loo back at the pic. and another thing listen to what is ex manager said when winford williams asked about it. he laughed and said what him tell you bout him eye tattoo? anything him tell you lol

    then google black eye contact lens! this yute is a fake!! straight!!! the worst thing him coulda do was take a picture with the tattoo gun because that just exposed him!!!!!

    now alkaline is a baddddddd artist him full a melody! him a follow cartel style
    but him maddd!!!!!!!!