Savage – Fresh From Prison Lyrics

Fresh from prison
Gyal a seh mi wicked when the rain all a drizzle
Wi no link gyal fi meck dem laugh and giggle
Shi like ice cream but shi love icicle

Gyal a seh mi fresh from work house
Gyal dem si mi and dem start bruk out
Out a mi house nuff hot gyal chuck out

(Verse 1)
Gyal a seh mi fresh from remand
Night till morn so baby haffi born
Shi a seh shi love the way mi can perform
Like seh mi just escape from up a tambrin form
Shi seh mi fresham up a High Rising
Shi a dally and pedal like ten cycle
Whole day mi a work no time fi idle
Caw shi know seh mi stronger than m bison

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi gyal yo show dem yo leg
Yo breast never dead
No man never tell yo fi hold up yo head
Yo go pon the floor and under the bed
Yo bwal like when yo father did dead
Yo never did know seh sorry so dread
Mi never dweet caw that turn yo bread
Mi no know Barney, Mi a no Fred

Shi seh shi broke up every lim
And shi pop up every peg
Mad like zaro mi go carve waan Z
Incarceration meck mi heavy like led

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Shi seh mi fresh from rockas island
So mi deal wid things just like a wild man
Fresh than crackers wid ucro slime on
Gyal a shine and a twinkle like a diamond
Hey mi seh fi bubble up pon the divan
Seh fi do as I say cause mi name Symon
Come yah gyal yo bad no dry land
Da thing yah wrapped round yo waist just like a piton

(Repeat Chorus)