Rickey Teetz – Let F— Be Free (Drop Yuh Draws) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
A gyal alone calm mi down when mi c–key get stiff
No time at all mi no back my fist
Nah drink no bag a liquor
All night fiester
Don’t grow up wid palm to wrist
Not a bloodcl*** gyal haffi service mi di–
Gyal fi ge t f till her womb get shift
Mi no fraid fi beg fi it
Pay fi it, if mi no f mi nah feel alright

Mi need pu–y tonight cause a the only way fi end the day right
Don’t think that am crazy or out of my mind
When I say drop your draws for me
Brace and sit down pon my c–key
Don’t feel shy if yuh waan educate mi
Be mi head mistress gyal come grade mi

Drop yo draws for me
Gyal meck mi feel that tight pu–y
Gyal come show mi how much yo rate mi
Use yo tongue right my girl sedate mi
Drop your draws for me
Drop your draws, let’s f be free

(Verse 2)
Real G no nam no wi nor chocolate
C–key rise up pu–y just like a fork lift
Multiple organism meck wi excursive
Meck gyal water run like a pipe for sip
Girl mi waan fi strip yo
Mi no fraid fi tip yo
So tell me what’s the deal caw mi waan get in yo
Mi waan fi strip yo, mi need fi tip yo
So tell me what’s the deal cause

(Repeat Chorus)