Alkaline – Burning Up Lyrics

Wi burn, wi burning up
Wi burn, wi burning up
Burn, wi burning up
And all dem a pree we wi no give a f
Dem grudge wi caw wi burn, wi burning up
Wi hot and wi full up a style so much

Burn, wi burning up
And all dem a pree we wi no give a f

(Verse 1)
Mi God what a calamity Jordan
Dutty people no waan wi fi live long
A mussi true wi boasty and hype
Caw wi don’t beg nothing not even pardon
Weh yuh a watch mi fa mi no love man
If is a man yuh a look this a the wrong station
Wa yuh a do and try fi even up
No join fast yo must stop
Know yo place man
Wi a shot a mussi that a mad dem
Wi no regular a wi own a money wi spend
Dem a watch every thing weh wi do
But member wa haffi we cyaa be fi dem
When mi seh floss a no fi mi teeth dem
Cause anyweh wi go wi pocket give dem problem
When mi piss answer fi draw near
More time mi haffi wonder a wa so sweet dem

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
It burn the fer dem true wi no broke again
Pray fi we mash up but it nah happen
True wi a shot, true wi a shot and it a show
Anything weh wi touch wi full it up a bullet hole
Look pon the tire if yuh waan si how wi roll
Every body a wonder how wi hot so
All mi deh yah a wonder mi self to
To how mi hot mi could a catch the fever and no know

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)