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Rihanna Belly Bulge Heats Up Pregnancy Rumors

The Rihanna pregnant rumors are again making gossip tabloid headlines and its all because of a recent photo of the Bajan pop star and her dad having a father daughter outing.

But according to mediatakeout, Rihanna has given up smoking, drinking and hard partying to protect her unborn child.

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There are even speculations on who is her baby daddy and the only two names in the mix are Drake and Chris Brown. The problem is Rihanna is now dating Drake.

Rihanna baby bump

There were also some recent rumors that Rihanna visited Chris Brown while he was in rehab and they might have smashed.

Do you think Rihanna is pregnant?

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  1. !!!that aint even her. camera y dont u show her face if that is really her!!! that could be anyone come on we aint dumb!

  2. pfftt! That girl is not pregnant

  3. it is all to get attention more than likely she just put on weight since she is so call not partying so much …and they just using it to gain more popularity

  4. at the rate riri is going it may not even be drake nor chris loool

  5. sketel ting