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Blak Ryno – Dat Nuh Right (Vybz Kartel & Shawn Storm Tribute) [New Music]

Dancehall star Blak Ryno drop a new single “Dat Nuh Right (Vybz Kartel & Shawn Storm Tribute),” produced by Fada Romie Music.

Mi believe in a freedom of speech
Mi a utter
A one thing mi nah go fi get weh, mi a come from
Mi get fi realize, seh judicial no sympathize
Wi haffi push on, wi haffi push on, and on, and on

Full: Blak Ryno – Dat Nuh Right (Vybz Kartel & Shawn Storm Tribute) Lyrics

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  1. Respect

  2. Ryno mi nuh like tis song u need to focus on yr own thing becuz a kartel make u nuh hot anymore

    • nice tune b str8 burnGaza kartel played n play a vital role in d music scheme, the system don’t like fi hear d truth this is a big fu—ry the thing huh right at all.

  3. Big up Black Ryno

  4. ryno big up yuhself, great example you a set. wi need more unity and we need big mature ppl fi step forward inna di music and leggo di ego, and call for togetherness and low di fckry. Mi rate you nuff fi this. show seh you is a big man, weh nah pree no foolishness and you know seh we need better and you nuh fraid take action.

  5. cool tune