Birdman: “Nicki Minaj Coming Hard On Her New Album”

Nicki Minaj has been busy in the studio cooking up some new music for he upcoming album, due later this year.

Cash Money/Young Money boss Birdman recently shed some light on the highly anticipated project.

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Speaking with Billboard, Birdman says Nicki Minaj has total creative control over the album and she is coming hard.

“For the new album, she’s doing what she feels like doing and we’re supporting her. You hear a lot of growth in her music. She’s coming confident and hard. We expect for this to be one of the biggest [albums] from her.”

“It’s more rap. This album is going to have a little bit of everything but more rap. She’s still doing her thing, then getting features on it.”

Birdman also noted that a release date for the album hasn’t been set yet.