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Trey Songz Respond To “I’m Gay” Rumors On Twitter

A screenshot of a tweet allegedly sent out by Trey Songz rocked the entertainment world this week.

In the alleged post on Twitter dated March 25, 2014, Trey Songz confessed that he is gay.

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“I think it’s time to finally tell my fans. All games and jokes aside…I’m gay,” the tweet reads.

The image of the tweet quickly spread through social media, with Trey Songz legion of female fans expressing their heartbreak and some males saying they are not surprised.

Trey Songz responded to the Tweet yesterday calling it bogus and photoshopped.

Trey Songz Im Gay Tweet

This is what Trey Songz said on Twitter:

“The things you people craft up with hatred in your hearts. The things people believe without question, or validity, all baffles me.”

“Photoshop and a retweet is all people need to believe, any and everything. I feel bad for the impressionable, no minds of their own.”

“If I’m gay then Tupac bringing me a ounce for this session wit Biggie tomorrow. No weapon. #LOVE.”

Do you think Trey Songz is gay?

Sound off in comments below.


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  3. Gays always try and defend there sexuality by stated othersins in the bible either way you put it god said man shall not lay with man it is an abomination and all homosexuals will be cast down in the lake of fire chain linked together na go read your bible and shut the hell up the devil have y’all so corrupted the lord say get married and be fruitful that mean have kids. You can’t do that with the same sex duhh and you can try but you can’t gay women still has to go to the sperm bank to get pregnant and gay men adopt. its not right to judge only god can me is homosexuals favorite line stop it cuz what your doing still isn’t right just like every other sin come on now be realistic…

  4. No point of going on about him being a homo Allah is the only judge we are just as bad for judging him read your commandments read the quraun read the bible we know what’s wrong and what’s right no one on this planet is perfect or lives a perfect life….

  5. Everybody shut the hell up god is not real especially a white god forced upon this land and genocide committed in his name against native Americans by the Spaniards, the English and Americans

  6. Who cares anyway if someone is gay or not? It’s 2014, people. Don’t you all have better and more important things to do?

  7. Kay Michelle Brown

    The word of god say man and woman. Clearly. Paul later warned about becoming one with a harlot and in genesis 1:27 God made both male and female and in marriage they became one flesh. By the words male and female and one flesh Jesus pointed to the physical union in marriage. Matthew 19:6

  8. Kay Michelle Brown

    Maybe or maybe not. Who knows these days.


    Wow, These is The Ni@@as Tupac Warned Us About, And He Dare Mention Two Of The Greatest. S.M.H. Yikes–> Tuted And Bootied! L.O.L

  10. I am wildtiger Lester

    I don’t think he is gay

  11. Come on now does it really matter we are free to love as we choose and who we choose it would only matter to the person he gives his heart to. This society burdens itself with the way one lives his life in a supposedly free nation. But if it were so then people who hate on the young man would try to use it to bring him down but if society itself would have love in heart as do Christ to which this country is proud to say is the foundation of their moral standards than why do they hate so much when he never did. Trey needs only to be true to him self no other in society does he owe more than that. I say live your life Tremaine as is comfortable in the needs you have don’t let what people say be the dictator to what’s true to you and in your heart. Believe in love what ever it is and presented to you. Only you matter when it comes to your heart male or female. Just don’t do it out of what’s pleases everybody else.

  12. Here we go with the God stuff

  13. we are all born with gay energy, but you are suppose to shed it from your demeanour as you spiritually ascend. Not everyone can get rid of it, because it is a difficult process. He does possess gay energy, I can feel it.

  14. Wasnt talking to u

  15. Society seems obsessed with gay culture if you ask me.

  16. Trey gay

  17. They bae is not gay point blank and simple as he stated in his 3 tweets above what do you not get people get a life of your own if this is really what you care about.

  18. Ashley Thompson


  19. Earnestine Collins

    If he gay I don’t have children and I have 5 boys

  20. Cats like trey songz are in the Boule, sigma pi phi, they’re all gay among other things, they’ve sold their soul for riches, they know what they’ve done and so does the Alpha And Omega the 1 and only true living GOD trey songz isn’t the only 1, don’t take my words, do your own research God bless

  21. Trey been gay from day one…. this is not new just PR

  22. Who cares

  23. all human created from a drop of sperm that attach to your mother egg in the womb. the higher power that send us here on this planet will take back the free choice. killing raping, lying, discrmination. the only reason why people listen to the black man when they are gay because white are involve. gay facing discrimination the african desendant face on this earth. let talk about homeless hungry all over this earth and the creator put enough wealth to feed every one on this planet. lets stop talking about smell bad waste matter that mix with sperm that has a strong odor that creates infection, hepatis c, rectal bleeding, and more complication.

  24. Trey songz butthole is made up of gallons of cum


  26. Sin is sin

  27. To each is own…

  28. I love that you opened up trey songz. Nomatter what people think.. if u r happy that is amazing. I love u im like your biggest fan. And you are sexy so find a sexy man to take good care of u. U deserve it,. Glad u r happy.

  29. yes, being gay is a sin. Yeah god does love all his children. He doesn’t want them to be homosexual though. you wont make it into his kingdom that way. adultry is a sin. But I do not think that if you get a divorce from someone that it is a bad thing. It just mean that they did not grow together. That is what marriage is about, togetherness. Before anyone starts quoting scriptures make sure you fully no what they mean. You can learn a lot of things from just one scripture. Irrelevent to the story. I do not think trey songz is gay those who do and were fans of his, were not truly fans of his if they did. If all you people are so godly like and all about god. why do you care if trey songz is gay or not. it is a sin but this is also a celebrity who doesnt make music for godly people.

  30. Frankly everyone’s going to hell because if this anything to do with “God” since no one should be judging anyone other than him and EVERYONE is judging each other as well Trey Songz i couldn’t care less about what anyone does on their own time not my responsibility

  31. Makaroni Tony Brittingham

    Hell yeah! But he makes good music tho.

  32. Trey Songz is not gay. People are bored af.

  33. No he is not gay at all yu can look at him and see that. People these days why would you even think he gay. Im not that old but I have loved Treysongz a very long time and never once did i think he was gay. People is doing the most these days. Out of all the people in the world ya’ll want to pick on Trey. To me idc if there is a rumor about me but this rumor is to big Trey is my fav male singer so just stop for real because if it was yu how would you feel ?? STOP HATEIN ON TREYSONGZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Next time make it more believable. If you think Trey is gay get help NOW!!

  34. Who cares..that’s his buisness

  35. all human has purpose, all organ of the body has purpose and function. every thing on earth have to continue produce, even the tiney cell in our body are producing, plant animal, trees, vegetable have to produce to provide food for human to live on this planet. human big loser soul will be call back from the body.

  36. I knew you were not gay #trueTreyfan

  37. He claim he dnt have time for a relationship because of wrk but excuses excuses in his videos he looks like hes acting instead of enjoyin being with a beautiful woman hmmm wheres ur girl trey and I dnt mean ya mom wheres the proof alot of artist have babies relationships and still wrk and get it done overall I knw hes just waiting for me HA!

  38. Yes u never seen him with a woman since he been out as an artist period

  39. Damn I thought he was just phone jacked when I read about it, someone really photoshopped that ?? Lame for that 1

  40. Trey songz isnt gay. I swear the blk community love accusing and tearing down our men like no other. Last time someone stole a pic from another dudes fb or instagram then said it was trey kissin some guy….but it wasnt even him it was some other dude who picture got used.and the truth of the fake sh– got exposed…now this….I hate to say this but it more than likely is a gay ni–a doing this fake a– hoax bc they always starting drama or a blk woman bc as a blk woman I know they always starting sh– n rumors ,drama…always calling a ni–a gay ,bit–,or demasculating him a man some way.not all of us but a good amount

  41. Buuuut…. Who really gives a damn if this ni–a is gay or not? Alot more serious things going on in the world right now.. This social media sh** got ppl going crazy foreal

  42. I wouldn’t care if he was gay or not and I don’t believe he is he’s a great singer and song writer and I support trey songz to the fullest gay or not I rep #lbgtq all day no sin is less or bigger then any other sin there for one cannot judge anyone . #treysongz #fan #supporter #love

  43. justice for tommy

    Trey songz is GAY…fire fi ya batty bwoy

  44. Hes def gay y will u just come out da blue wit some bs like that then expect no comments…..

  45. Dont think he gay

    I don’t think he’s gay. I think it was either photoshopped or he was hacked lol

    • I do believe that his account was indeed hacked this week. I went on his account and it went from 9,769 tweets to 9,764 tweets. Which was pretty strange. I didn’t see this fake tweet. You can tell it’s fake by looking at the date and time. Both in the wrong place of a tweet.

  46. That is most def. a shop. You can really see the pixel garbage around the text. Poorly done, imo. Could have been more believable.

  47. My opinion no I don’t think so but I don’t know him. Ppl always trying to destroy ppl that’s doing good for themselves. I hope he not

  48. Trey is not gay

  49. If he is gay i wouldn’t be surprised. Most of these soft nikkaz are gay

  50. soul will call back to leave the earth and free choice, pleasure of desire flesh of satan will end . lets wait on the creator time.

  51. who wants to know that this guy using is anus to dump sperm a seed god created to produce soul. sin only for a moment. Evil disrespect to God creation only for a moment. human being are a big loser. God will take back the soul and flesh will go back to dust after the worms eat the flesh.destroy seed in e coli, smell waste matter gas in the anus. time time this earth operate on time.

    • God also said no sex before marriage but people don’t think its wrong God also said no divorces and/or adultry but people don’t think there is noting wrong with that. Why are we going after glbt people saying that is not “Godly” or “holy” thing to do well last time I checked sex before marriage, divorces, and adultry are not “holy” or “Godly” thing to do. Go read the bible very carefully so you can understand that.

      • Exactly! ^^^

      • Then again that is not ur decision to make …. At the end of the day when we all meet him thats his decision to take him to heaven or hell for being gay. Your comitting millions of sins

      • You r pointing a finger at others while 3 are pointing right back at you. You could be the one going to hell so i would watch what i say and believe because you could be the dummy at the end that thought you were doing something right by judging

      • Let them know! The bible is the lawyer, but God is the judge, he makes the final decision. Not a book written by prophets spoken through the holy spirit because they will face judgment as well! Only Jesus was perfect, not Moses etc….

      • You don't need to know

        Uhmm bye god did say that but God also forgives and he will find you a way out being gay is wrong in God’s eyes but he still loves the sinner as much as the saint… All in all being gay is unholy it isn’t right at all and neither is divorce and adultery but being gay is just as much as a sin as all the others so stop trying to sugar coat it and make it right because it isn’t and never will be

      • Proverbs 8:17 -I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.

        mmm let me see .. God hates sinners ? really ? Gays ? Really … the bible states , God made his children, God loves all his children .
        SO TELL ME ! Why is it wrong to be the person GOD HIMSELF mas US


      • Kay Michelle Brown


      • He also made the Satan, whom just like Gays, with never ask for forgiveness of their sin. Instead they ask for rights to exercise their sin under Gods union!

      • Ya true but God struck down a city bcuz of them being gay

      • No he didn.t Stop spreading false info.

      • Kay Michelle Brown

        People please read your bibles. He struck a city not only for being gay
        It was all types of lust. Hate, greed and etc sounds a lot like the world that we are living in today. The differnce is we are saved by grace. Thank you Jesus

      • God struck down the city because the men were trying to RAPE the angels he sent. RAPE!! They specify it as gay RAPE verses STRAIGHT to better understand that men were rapping men. RAPE is an abuse!

      • Matthew 5: 31,32 states the only reason why a person can divorce..

      • Just wondering which bible you people are reading? It is mentioned 17 times in the bible that a man lying with a man must be put to death and the act is ‘the Most abominable sin in the sight of the Lord’ stop comparing J walking to Attempted murder that’s why all these gay priests get so much sympathy from a blinded society for touching little boys get out of here with that B.S sexual deviants nothing else

      • LAST TIME I CHECKED YOUR BIBLE SAYS SEX EQUALS MARRIAGE…OPEN YOUR EYES DO YOUR DILIGENT RESEARCH STUDY YOURSELF APPROVED AS YOUR BIBLE SAID..SMH…YOU ARE MERELY SPEAKING FROM WHAT YOUVE HEARD YOUR WHOLE LIFE AND NOT FROM TRYING TO VALIDATE OR VERIFY WHETHER WHAT YOUVE BEEN HEARING IS TRUE…TYPICAL RELIGIOUS SHEEPLE…..SEX EQUALS MARRIAGE MEANING THE FIRST PERSON U HAVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH YOU ARE JOINED TO THEM, DIDNT THE BIBLE SAY IF A MAN HAS SEX WITH A HARLOT/wh–e then he is joined to that wh–e? Because He at the beginning said male and female should join and become one? Think about it if you have sex with a wh–e how comes you are joined or become one with her? DID YOU GO BEFORE PASTOR? Exchange vows..placed a wedding ring? THINK! Have we been fed lies have we been doing things according to traditions of men and not the Father’s commandments?

      • This is how we are fooled and they know what marriage really is…How comes if you are “married” as they have it today get engaged go before pastor exchange vows put wedding ring then u never have sex with that person u break up within 1yr why would they SAY u were never married just cause in that time frame u never had sex? Doesnt this prove that sex is required to consumate the marriage? Sex equals marrriage? SCRIPTURES SHOW NUMEROUS OCCASIONS WHERE MARRIAGE WAS DONE WITHOUT PASTOR OR EXCHANGE VOWS ….REBEKAH, LEAH, SARah.Abraham etc etc….traditions of men have us caught

      • I believe everything u said but divorces i mean i believe if u just dont like somebody than u shouldnt divorce but if there is a problem u should divorce

      • Kay Michelle Brown

        Sin is sin. Its all wrong. We all have some demons to battle. People stop pointing the finger.

      • He also says to repent & sin no more, so if someone has sex out of wedlock, steals, lie, etc…repents & does not do those things again, they’re free. So where does that leave a married gay couple?

    • ^^^ True hypocrisy.

    • says the guy who probably fu— girls without announcing them his soul mate. says the guy who probably kills animals/insects with no use of food. says the guy who probably doesn’t recycle or help nurture the earth…. so out of all the sh– in the bible only thing you payed attention to was the gay thing huh? LOL

    • Jesus died for our sins. Dumb ass. Please don’t post things onto the internet if you do NOT know how to correctly construct a sentence. THANK YOU.


    • So where did the seed go when you were jacking off?

    • you shut the hell up you stupid fool

    • Seek Help

    • I am wildtiger Lester

      I do

    • Have yourself a seat Carl for God will judge you next! Who are you to speak on behalf of lord? WHO ARE YOU? God could say many things about all of us. So, for you to sit here and judge another human being you are as gulity! That is the Lord’s job not yours. It is because of people like you the world has always been evil. How can a man speak hatred towards the children of the lord? Jesus never walked the streets and yelled the scriptures in the face of a man. Jesus spoke peace and love to all God’s children. He helped the sick, blind, poor and many more. You are teaching hate towards the children of God. That my friend is evil. The Lord loves all his children and sent his son to die for our sins. God will judge us all whether you’re straight, gay, white, black, poor, rich, smart and stupid. It doesn’t matter, we will all have to face judgment and even the man of God who wrote the bible. And let me just add that there are man who marry women and “dump sperm” like you said how God intended it to be for creation and still can’t “produce a soul” as you said. So, please go educate yourself and ask God for forgiviness.

  52. yea man him gay

    • No he’s not. I’m sick and tired of people like you to say lies that that. You need some major help. God will handle you. Karma will come back to you, you’ll just wait and see.

      • If he’s not gay then i’m a one-legged man in a butt kickin contest…. cant tell he nutn, he gay

      • So you went and looked for a gay pic to prove your point – googled for a gay pic…

      • U got that right

      • Ok just so that I am sure – You went looking for gay pics….Just to prove (to people you don’t know) that someone you don’t know is gay?

        Looked at gay pictures basically…SMH – The internet has got people not thinking at all about what it is that they are doing. So it is ok to look at gay pics as long as it is to prove that person in the picture is gay.

      • Goddamn right, trey gay…..its as simple as that. U talking about me, why u going thru so much trouble to defend him? they say birds of a feather flock together

      • You hear me defending anyone? or am i simply asking about you searching for gay pics. I have no further questions – carry on.

      • Thats Not Even Him .

      • You blind #straightup. He straight swapping spit wit a dude, cant tell me nutn