Munga – Prison Nuh Nice Lyrics

Prison no nice youth
Listen to mi voice
Before unuh do wrong things unuh fi think twice
So pree wisely cause yuh have choice
Yo cyaa seh mi never give yuh no good advice

Prison no sweet youth listen to mi speech
If a Orison and GP and no, no, creek
Nothing no sweet like when yuh deh a street

(Verse 1)
Yo know a how much innocent youth in a prison a do time
Dem never give no trouble
Dem never do no crime
A case of the wrong place at the wrong time
And the worst case when the parents no have a dine

Two big artist deh behind rail
And the fans dem a bwal seh dem haffi get bail
But the police higher justice must prevail
Caw the gyal body look like the system a fail

Tagi avoid station, avoid famitery
Avoid the military and the constabulary
Youth avoid war if it unnecessary
And as long as yo can try avoid cemetery
Cause remember life is not a movie and the telly
And bwoys in the wood, this a no juice weh in a belly
A no every likkle thing yuh fi go rise the askelly
Wa day a celly call mi pon the celly and a tell mi seh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Cause if yuh never go a jail yet mi seh try no go
Caw no life and no future no deh right deh so
Bay rat a crawl paw yuh, roach a frighten yuh
And a when yo come a road nothing no nice yuh so
A 5 year nothing no nice deh so
No si no Macka nor Saw, nor no Spice deh so
And no party no keep in a jail and prison
Mi no waan spend a hour nor a night deh so

Watch yah, hear wa gwaan youth listen when mi warn
Friends and family a go miss yuh when yo gone
Cause even if yuh sure seh yo innocent
From the judge feel like yo guilty remand
Card board, cold concrete, news paper fi yo sheet
When yo member yo good life a road
And the mosquito dem a sing pon repeat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)