Gage – Fashion Police Lyrics

When yo talk bout nike, shocks to the max
Jordan pull out a box
Neil flash fi him lox

Wi a the fashion police just freeze
Gyal dem never si nothing like these
Polo colon weh a sting like beas
Brush pass everybody nose weh stand up in a the breeze

Fashion police just cool
Dress to impress that a the first rule
Buy out the bar, plus the bench and the stool
A no that pull up the tune DJ just kool

(Verse 1)
Fashion killa, trendy figure
Honors and manners, respect was deliver
Tek up mi phone call a friend weh no live yah
Ring, ring, wa a gwaan Gigga
When I was younger mi did a wear filla
Jordan a wear so a that mi haffi in a
Yo did have a style weh yo call sim simma
Now a beng, beng, beng, a run the road that sicker
Father seh thump her boxing time
Picture start tek next in line
Shi a ask if mi boxers real
Mi show her the waist kalving cline
Gyal dem a seh dem shop over England
Seh shi no waan mi cause shi have a rich man
Right now mi feel like Konyae West
Caw mi catty look like Kim Kardashian

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gyal si mi, hi how yuh doing
What mean wearing Patrick Hewing
The man dem ova deh so face screwing
Shi meck up her face cause shi don’t know who him
Two white gyal si mi seh mi look dope
Buss a Addi laugh cause mi swear seh a joke
How mi so kool a mussi cake soap
Mi get fi find out a the chat weh deh a road
Mr instagram, mr instagram
Every gyal seh dem love mi
Dem waan me fi be the man
All a ma tumble a fans, ma tumble a fans
Every gyal seh dem love mi
Dem waan me fi be the man like beng, beng, beng

(Repeat Chorus)