O – Walk Out Lyrics

If a no money mi no waan her
Cute girls unuh draw near
Mi seh if a no money mi no waan hear
When mi fight mi no draw hair

(Verse 1)
Shi a go hard but mi a go harder
Shi have a change but my money taller
A fi her man but him under my order
So when a play time a bad gyal him rather
Shi boring like, but mi a charmer
Mi have the flavor hens the drama
Weh dem a go tell dem go hold dem corner
Dem no dainty dem tough like Shibada

Walk out in a the light like Rihanna
Snap yo fingers and get any man yo wanna
Yo skin pretty it no stay like iguana
Like iguana, like iguana

Walk out in a the light like Beyonce
Snap yo fingers and get any man yo fancy
Show dem yo legs cause dem no stay like anancy
Like anancy, like anancy

(Verse 2)
Wi no fraid a no body
Fi wi dem a no bully
Lawless mi thing deh wi born unruly
Cute and shape good hair pretty like cooly
Neat no bumbo mi a mi man likkle stully
Classy no rass wi no move like wolly
First class trip wid Lui V pully
Real bi–h a meck money bank book fully
Yo hear weh mi seh, mi seh mi bank book fully

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Have mi own money
Buy mi own hair
Have mi won place bed mi no share
When wi roll out the whole place tear
Champagne caw mi don’t drink bear
When wi step a bay gangster deh near
Dem gyal deh haffi si wi and clear
Anything weh wi wear that dear
So anytime unuh hear da tune here

(Repeat Chorus)