Alkaline – F–k Doctor Lyrics

What a bloodclaat f
Up in a she the c–key gone up
Pu–y sweally and the sheet nasty up

What a bloodclaat f
Shi ride pon the buddy hard suh
And mi check seh one a mi balls burst

What a bloodclaat f
Shi swallow mi c–key wid one come
And is a fir ball mi si shi caugh up

What a bloodclaat f
Shi bad no bomboclaat
And shi a ride pon the buddy hard suh
What a bloodclaat f

(Verse 1)
Stiff c–key run up in a she
Shift up every argon weh deh up in a she
Liver fly in a the head and the brain drop in a the belly
Like a scramble game mi a play
99 time mi stab up the pu–y
A should a hundred but Sharon puto meet
Eye a roll over till shi a gap
But mi continue fi f her out till shi couldn’t breath
Mi did a fret yo f cold sweat a wash me
So till mi go fi wrapped up the body in a sheet
Likkle after mi si shi start wake
Mi a tell yo your honor mi never yet feel so re-leaf
Shi seh come meck wi f again
Mi never did a go dweet
But it coming like seh a mi shi did a tease
Worst when mi si shi bend over
And the pu–y tongue long out off a me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Frighten when shi si mi buddy turn in a c–k
Mi know shi dead from mi fire the first back shot
More mi hear shi a scream your honor
The more it turn mi on and a that’s why mi never stop
Mi should a report the case your honor mi sorry
And mi should a never hide her dead body
But Jah know to how the pu–y good
Mi never waan Maddens get a f off a the body

(Repeat Chorus)

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