Vybz Kartel – Give Thanks Lyrics

Oh jah, for my life me give thanks
Mi naw give it up so
Jah never give no, jah never give
Jah never give a man more than he can bear

No time fi a sit down and a loaf now
Life too short hurry up no
Mi waan buy a house in a up town
What a day when the Garrison no bruk yow

(Verse 1)
Night before last night
Mi deh a mi grandaddy nine night
A burn a high grade and a fi the thing count
What is the purpose of life

No my life fi you go come struggle
No my life fi you go come struggle
In a my life mi walk weh from trouble
In a my life as a black man mi know it a go hard
But mi waan meck supn from nothing

Jah, Jah, me naw stop work hard
Until mi reach in a the cemetery

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi being through it worst
Mi strive to be the best
Life so sweet a no money bring me happiness
But in a babylon
The music fi hold down black people
Caw the lot of it a the root of sadness
And the love of it a the root of all evil

(Repeat Chorus)