Ryme Minista – Fish Inna Dutty Wata (Alkaline Diss) [New Music]

Dancehall star Ryme Minista drop a new single “Fish Inna Dutty Wata.”

A wa tek black mouth mi ready fi paint weh the place like burger
This bwoy is a fish so mi know seh if mi kill him mi naw charge fi murder
Talk bout the world a f–kry, well yo mouth f–ked up more than da world yah
Yo waan live a star life, should a settle fi a observer
From yo seh yo bruk every red light
The whole world know seh yo funny
And yuh a talk bout mi hungry when yuh and yo manager a cuss over money
From loyalty dem seh shrub out, shrub out
Mi bank book mi have mi can done hi
How yuh fi talk bout mi deh look a hype when mi future bright and sunny

Listen track below.