Sizzla – Bad Mind Ways Lyrics

Weh dem a go wid dem badmind ways
Hypocrite faces couldn’t in a wi place

Weh dem a go wid dem badmind ways
Hypocrite faces

(Verse 1)
Wi no spar wid certain people
Some a dem too wicked, some too evil
Only for a time then after words dem deceive you
Cyaa meck them babylon dem come lead you
Cyaa meck none a dem know yo business
Dem friend dem tek it gone a road go live wid
Chat you when yo down, friend you when yo get big
For wi no cah, that’s why wi haffi step

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Work fi wa yo want
Get up and go search fi weh yo want
Every lil ghetto youth deserve a chance
Them never encourage you
Seh a too much worries so
So mi rise above the critics cho
A Jah, Jah, a mi strength and mi guide
A that dem never know
Jah, Jah, deh, deh, anyweh mi go
Don’t feed a lazy man
Take care a the ladies and give Jah the praises
Don’t tell deference raise yo hand
Clean heart lengthen days yo strong
No time for the foolishness
Jerusalem school is bless
Clean hand, pure heart, nothing less
A Jah, Jah, lead it out
Wi Judgement mi lead it out
Mi si seh dem go speed it out
Wi no need dem bout yah

(Repeat Chorus)

See a mans face
You never see his heart
People no know if you no talk
Certain place you no fi go
Certain place yo no fi walk
Am a champion before mi start

(Repeat Chorus)