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Vybz Kartel Trial: Police Closed Streets In Vicinity Of Supreme Court

Police officers say they are not taking any chances with Vybz Kartel’s legion of fans while a verdict could be reached today or tomorrow.

Officers have cordon off the streets in the vicinity of the Supreme Court building in downtown Kingston where the trial is currently underway.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Trial: Judge Wraps up Summation Of Prosecution Witnesses

Cops say they will be restricting access to King Street, South Parade and Harbour Street. Only business operators will be allowed limited access to the area.

The road closure runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. until the trial is over.

Police also say they will be creating a sterile area to keep out the media, because media presence attracts crowd.

The judge is currently giving his summation of the defense witnesses after wrapping up the prosecution 24 witnesses yesterday in court.

Justice Lennox Campbell, the presiding judge in the trial, will then send the 11-member jury off for deliberation.

Vybz Kartel, born name Adidja Palmer, and his co-accused Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are all facing life imprisonment if convicted for the alleged murder of their former associate Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Vybz Kartel Protest

According to the Crown, Clive Williams was beaten to death by the accused men on August 16, 2011 over two missing firearms belonging to Vybz Kartel.

His body was never found.


  1. Kartel was and still is my favorite living Jamaican artist. Very talented artist. Dancehall will probably collapse without him. Unfortunately He did do the crime so he should get death penalty. Hang him in the middle of port more . No excuse. Burn him to.
    The person who is comparing America with Jamaica is an idiot. Smh

  2. Kartel a mi artist from school days,

  3. fair trail

  4. How can you be so heartless. Jamaicans were brought up with the love of God in their hearts. Many of us like myself were brought up poor, but we possess humanly love. Today i feel free i can visit my Country more often and feel safer, knowing that Vybz Kartel and his accomplices are incarcerated. This sends a message to the upcoming Kartels. Kartel is a murderer, extortionist, evil possesed and bad example for upcoming citizens of Jamaica/the world . I hope Kartel will rot in prison. He is a Charles Manson. Many children are fatherless and families will never have their loved ones again. At least his family has the opportunity to visit him in prison, as often as they wish to. In addition, i hope God will give him a new heart, as the one he was born with was ravished by scavenger. Hope he will confess and turn his life around, and prepare to meet his maker. Thanks to the Judge, Prosecutor, and the Juror. Since Kartel is locked up, the crime rate in Jamaica has significantly decreased. The world is pleased with this verdict. There is still good in Jamaica. Jamaicans who have taken his side have lost touch with reality, while others fear for their lives. Today is grand! Victory was served. He deserves no less than 30- life. We have for given you Kartel, but you need to feel the pain, hurt, and sorrow you have caused.

  5. Dem realli know seh wi love Vybz Kartel, for life.. Wi nah joke, nun fakinq.. Real Gaza Fan. Bomboclatt

  6. How they going to plead him guilty nd they haven’t even found a body.. smh they need to free him… that’s that baby 🙂 I love Jamaicans (:

  7. The judge is bias and also the police them too


    Can’t believe people saying he’s guilty!! The law say if there is reasonable doubt you can’t say guilty no matter how bad it look, reasonable doubt is enough! If jury go by law kartel should touch road

  9. informer fi dead straight …

  10. If they never found the body , THEY HAVE NO F**KING CASE !!!!!!!!!!!! The man could have left the country for all they know !!!!!!! FREE KARTEL !!!

  11. Kartel go to jail. Of not he ago death.

  12. Big up Junior Reid and Busta Rymes you really know who your friends are when u get into trouble . Busta is a ride and die friend he didn’t have to go to Jamaica .

  13. Yahweh is a catholic name for God. So i guess this woman is refering to Vk as her only God.

  14. I have followed this case from day 1, I mean to the point where when something is I view it 5 mins after , now from what I gathered vybz kartel should be freed the evidence presented is to shaky, however the way the judge is doing his summation is very unfair because he is being one sided an placing alot of emphasis on the prosecutions case almost like he is a part of the conspiracy to convict vybz kartel but justice shall prevail……….I hope he walks free(Barbados) #freewurlboss

    • I LOVE KARTEL. My god I wonder what this verdict will be . What the hell will it be I’m sooooo anxious to find out !!!! KARTEL all the best . I adore you and all your lyrics .

    • The evidence was beyond shaky nobody knows if he really did do it lizard body wasn’t found and key witnesses couldn’t even back up the video or messages he along with the coaccused should be free if not idk what to say lol

      • I agree
        evidence look shaky but I think he deserve a fare trial and I dont think he is getting it


  15. This case is so unpredictable

  16. Kartel im go ah jail, dem know dat.

  17. Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    The cops know if they give him life
    It’s gonna be madras
    Just sayin

    • The cops know if they let him free
      It’s gonna be madras
      Just sayin

      u know how many ni–as want justice
      for lizard as well sh– crazyy smh

      • In America (civilized country) to prove murder you need physical evidence or strong circumstantial evidence (which is highly based on physical evidence)

        No blood to prove murder did take place
        even if blood was found they need to determine the quantity of blood loss and if it’s enough for a person to die. So in other words if him cut him finger and bleed as Lil doesn’t mean that he is dead. That’s how it works in America. Look it up watch the forensic documentaries.

        We are not sure that lizard is even dead! That’s number one.

        2. VYbz Kartel is not in trial his image, morals, and songs are on trial.
        If you look a certain way inna jamaica then you are more liable to be guilty that’s the reality!
        We are so quick to judge! I don’t support skin bleaching. I think he has a lot of power and he has used it very carelessly. But when you are in jail and text messages are being sent with your device while it’s in police custody if that’s not a set up i don’t know what it. And the Flippin idiot just happen to “leave” the key on top of the box containing “key evidence” come onn people use your heads! The cell phone should be inadmissible into evidence. Question posed to the so called tech specialist; can text message and other data be cloned? Yes. Degree of difficulty? Not that difficult.
        So dem can clone you phone and manipulate incoming and outgoing info. Then seems to me this is not a firm case for the prosecutor.

        This is unfair! Dem should have tried the case outside of jamaica

      • You are correct- I believe he has been judged by appearance and they want to hang him. I don’t like the bleach either- in the USA the women do the opposite an d tan their skin which to me is just as disgusting. Kartels music makes me happy- so I will pray for the appeal- there was never solid proof that he committed the crime, I also wonder why such a hi profile person would kill for a petty crime- it doesn’t add up. The prosecution asked many questions to Vybz sister about the content of his music amongst other trivial questions that clearly were biased and judgmental. Free up the world boss. Appeal mi seh!

      • Stop it ‘ kartel thought he was smart . Cause we all know no body no murder but there was an eye witness who saw what happened . Over the few years he blew up he was just digging his own grave . Not to be judgmental but It was a fair trial he need to sit back and think about what he did to lizard , because he didn’t deserve to die over 2 guns smh kartel is the one gave him to lock it so he should’ve blamed himself for trusting them and just watch it as a lost but instead here is the outcome smfh’

    • Vibes kartel been my artist from since him buss . But I won’t be naive because I like his music it dosnt take a rocket scientist to know if he committed the murder of lizard I think he did and if he did he needs to pay for his crim who the hell do he think he is you can’t go around killing people and thinking you are gonna get away with it at lease that’s what he thought don’t do the crime if u can’t do the time bad man