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Jury Reached 10:1 Verdict In Vybz Kartel Murder Trial

After less than 2 hours of deliberation the 11-member jury returned inside the courtroom with a 10:1 verdict in Vybz Kartel murder trial.

Justice Lennox Campbell just moments ago sent back the jury to deliberate further in hopes of retuning a unanimous verdict.

Vybz Kartel and his co-accused Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams appeared to be five very nervous men inside the Home Circuit court in Kingston right now.

Fans of the dancehall star crowded the outside of the court shouting “Free World Boss.”


  1. American at geart

    People wake up Kartel is a murderer.God is not dead he is alive. Yeah, now they see how it feels to kill another . If bad man a bad man they should not be nervous and should be prepared to pay the price. Kartel is a devil and is going straight to hell. He is no goo roll model to society. Put yourself in Lizards family shoes, if the tables were turned how would you feel? His wanna be badness has finally caught up with him. He was not banded from the us for nothing

  2. If him do to crime then him do the time, no one wish that for you but a suh it go…

    • While it is true that every form of business has its dark side . I just can’t understand why our music takes on the ugly side of drugs ,guns and murder . As for the recent Vybz Kartel case ,the lesson must be , if you live you life independent of God then you would have void yourself from morality . To do this always shortens your reign . As I leave remember this one thing , a concept of god in any from always dictates an acceptable level of morality even if your god is a cow .

  3. Police tamper with the evidence…..evn before they had him on a murder charge……they conspired to get rid of him……bcaz of his image and music… wasn’t a fair trial…..its plain politics……and the church and police wanting this to happn all along……GETTIN RID OF VYBZ KARTEL for good……..MUSIC AND IMAGE!!!!!!!!……Still a sey GAZA……4LIFE!!!!!

    • Atleast you are free doing road shouting out Gaza fi life while Kartel im ah go spend im life inna prison.

    • Am a fan of Vybz kartel since beginning….. Not a WAGGONIST….. Since his incarceration….I neva stop sayin GAZA…….all this was a plot to get him life in prson……

  4. Snoop lion say u can run away run away u have to face it….

  5. I wonder where the likes of InaGotovina are. Now Kartel found guilty where has the slogan and anthem “Free Worl Boss” gone to. Where is the support, all gone quiet like church mice.

    • FREE WORLD BOSS , u stalkina*bit*h.dont worry, ull see us soon.

      • You know I like you because what will forums like this be without individuals like you. No hard feelings, me and you should be happy and feel blessed that we are free to live our lives compared to those locked up in jail cells and deprived of their freedom.

  6. Kartel gwan ah prison, I told you all dat Jah nah sleep und if you murder another then prison you ah go.

  7. damn deff gotta burn a splif for this one