I-Wayne & Kabaka Pyramid – Versatile Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Artist seh dem a clash and now the tracing start
And bullets bursting hard
The wicked love the pretty coffin and the grave dem
Nuff get in a trouble and run to rasta fi save dem
Lets preserve life music because a fi wi this
No need to compete bout better voice or lyricists
No coke no in a fi mi spliff
I naw dash weh fi mi stick
We’ve got many rivers to cross like Jimmy Cliff

Overcome pest, stress and sing
Redemption song shuck the wicked like a weapon thing
True dem ego dem a seh dem a the best and thing
Yet all dem promote a bay mess and sing
The masses never recognize Tessanne Chin
Until shi enter the voice contest and win
Shi have music in her blood, flesh and skin
Long time shi ready fi salute Sun Fess and Sting

Youths you got to be versatile
No bother pick up rome dirty style
Boby wrong destroy the parents dem hurt the child
Dem waan the whole a life children pon earth fi spoil
Some a call people squack cause when life birth the soil
Till all granny purse dem a search fi kyle
And shi cyaa afford food much less cursing oil
Fi the wrong or get likkle seruci boil

(Verse 2)
Babywrong dem waan fi kill and insult the great
The ones who have life seeds a cultivate
Dem tell wi seh fi hold the faith
Dem same one lock and hold the gate
Dem fight against us cause dem know wi straight
A brag bout most car, most bike, most hype, most ripe
Mi seet clear that dem force ripe
Dem all a laugh and a seh dem tek the most life
Drink the most rum and start the most fight

Dem all a talk bout the health, people no fi smoke
When dem issuing the rum and the dirty coke
Now the likkle kids brucking out
For money nough go chad the snotty roads
Slackness should be cutting out
The children blood the vampires dem sucking out
The wicked the righteous will be crushing out
And flushing out dem youth yah know with life dem no fi joke

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)