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Lil Boosie Speaks In First Interview Since Release From Prison [VIDEO]

Lil Boosie is now a free man and already he is making headlines in the hip-hop world.

The Baton Rouge rapper sat down with Angela Yee for a post press conference interview on Monday. The event was titled #Boosiespeaks and presented by the rapper’s label Atlantic Records.

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“They said I had more release dates than Jordan,” Boosie joked. “Right now, it feels like some good dreams I had in jail. I’m just really enjoying the moment, being with my family, all of the people who looked out for me, all of the people who loved me.”

Lil Boosie told Angela Yee that he wrote some 1018 songs while he was incarcerated in a Louisiana prison on drug charges, including a hit song for Justin Bieber.

Boosie also revealed that he is working on a new album for Atlantic Records and has an upcoming tour.