Delly Ranx – Silly Billy Lyrics

Gyal clown a no me that
No, gyal puppet a no me that
Yo mad? No gyal cyaa style mi
And dem cyaa come tek mi fi idiot

Alright silly billy
Some man a silly billy
Done dem money pon the gyal and meck a next man a kill it

Dem a silly billy
Some man a silly billy
Book a ticket fi the gyal shi go check Dan, Dan, a Filly

Dem a silly billy
Some bwoy a silly billy
Put the gyal pon dem head and a bwal fi company

Dem a silly billy
Some man a silly billy
Gyallis like Delly couldn’t be a silly billy

(Verse 1)
Anytime mi call mi gyal
Mi gyal dem haffi come fi mi
Rather live a Jungle or dem in a bad company
Police and mi soldier gyal cyaa bring no stunt to mi
Shelly si mi a ask mi how high mi waan shi jump fi mi
So when the gyal dem si mi dem will never bring no frown to mi
Nough bwoy a clow the gyal dem ready fi spend dem pound fi mi
Mi sexy gyal a Africa shi send a gold crown fi mi
The gyal dem a Canada dem meck a likkle sound to mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Some bwoy a gyal clown
Gyal unuh call dem name
Shout it in a the dance and meck the fool dem shame
If the bwoy dem no have no game and every day dem complain
Call mi paw mi phone and check mi over Spain
Silly billy try run a money campaign
Think seh dem can get gyal wid champagne
A boast in a club and a run down fame
The gyal meck him bwal mama like baby wayne

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)

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