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Vybz Kartel Trial: No Verdict Until Next Month

Vybz Kartel and his four co-accused will have to wait at least another week to know their fate.

The trial was hit with more delays in the Home Circuit court and will pushed the trial way into next week.

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Yesterday afternoon presiding Judge Lennox Campbell adjourned the trial and told jurors to return to court on Thursday of next week.

The jury foreman told the judge the one juror has some urgent business to take care of tomorrow and on Monday another juror has a medical examination to do which will likely go into Tuesday.

Wednesday of next week is a public holiday in Jamaica, Ash Wednesday.

Both defense and prosecution attorneys have completed their closing statements. Therefore, when court convened on the judge will issue jury instructions.

Adidja Palmer, Vybz Kartel’s government name, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are all charged with murdering Clive “Lizard” Williams on August 16, 2011 in Havendale.

Cops say Williams was killed over two missing firearms.

His body has still not being found.


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  2. Smh :) bwoy I see u really hate the fact tht kartel bleach him skin! Thts y ur so angry wid em lol?? I told u b4, dnt worry urself wid wat another mon do wid himself unless u like mon?! Bt kartel told u seh”mi nah luv mon, so tek ur eye off of me” lol bt im sure u knew tht already, u kno all of his songs! Ahaa,ahaa. A tel dem dnt teef dat laugh deh!

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  4. It’s what you can prove and based off the mismanagement by the police officers, case is very rocky.

    • Im from Detroit,Michigan & i luv reggae & dancehall. My favorite artist are Tanya Stephens & world boss.ive been following this trial as best to me ability n i can only speak on the laws here but u r innocent until proven guilty & no dead body no case. to me if u rap gangsta sh– u shud live it. so same with world boss music which i luv.if ole boy stole anything from him especially guns,well the ghetto law is the law that we live by so street justice was in order,ijs respect & i will c yall at reggae sumfest july 13th thru 20th 2014 & it will be a blessing to c kartel close dancehall night.my prayers go out to him & his crew

  5. People like you guys want vybz in jail but yet still have him musice turn up inside yuh house god alone can judge di boss cuz jamaican police dem dnt betta

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  7. The defense asked the question why the police did not ask RIM to assist them with obtaining the BBM messages FROM KARTEL PHONE – I would asked the defense – why did you not ask RIM to help unravel this big plot to frame Kartel and his friends – If I am to believe what you are saying all the BBM messages are fake – If this so it is not difficult for RIM uncover.

    Defense why did you not asked the police to state how they came about the text messages they claimed were sent from Lizard’s phone when the witness was on the stand?

    By YOUR REFUSAL to test the evidence it tell me that more than likely the information presented for the most part were accurate.

    And therefore the verdict is GUILTY AS CHARGED

    • You are very confused man,with half a story missing. Take ur meds please.they cant really “hear”u.

      • “They cant hear me” – Remind me again who was speaking – This fool bout me confused and dont even know the difference between the written word and the spoken one – I swear Kartel have the dunces fans in the world some real fence post

      • Read your own original comment,genius.And if you must do so again,please try replying in english.Kartel “fans” would appreciate it.

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      • The dumbest- people who don’t care prove so by not putting effort into what they claim they dont care about.k?

      • For one who don’t care, you surely spend quite a bit of time on this matter. If this trail was in the US, Vybz would have no worries. Just to many uncertainties.

      • No he wouldn’t have no worries cos it would have been dealt with quicker and he behind bars serving his time

      • Don’t try to change the subject dumb a.. you yourself say you don’t care less about the bleacher or his fans yet you in the vybz kartel thread taking batty man language to everyone am sorry maybe you are on the wrong thread the su– Yuh momma thread is on the other page where burn gaza usually hang out

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      • if this guy Higgins has been really following the trial, he would not be asking why Defense did you not asked the police to state how they came about
        the text messages they claimed were sent from Lizard’s phone when the
        witness was on the stand? the text were provided by Digicel on 2 CDs one a master and the other a working cd. The cops lost the master making it impossible to verify the contents on the working CD and making it possible for the cops to tamper/manipulate the contents on the working CD.

      • Kartel fan please state – 1 ) where you got the information about the recovery of Lizard’s phone – 2 ) Who was it that testified about forensic analysis been done on it.

      • lmao its innocent till proven guilty my yout the defense would never do something as foolish as you are talkin about

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      • Of course my comments are irrelevant and so is all the other comments posted about this case – We are not jurors in this matter – But I am entitled to my opinion

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      • You see what a mean now when I say Kartel fans are the dumbest
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      • Ms. Higgins, lets clear the air on some matters. First of all let me point out to you that I am not a fan of vybz kartel, I am a fan of justice and reggae music/dancehall. Secondly I am not advocating kartel and his cronies innocence and I certainly don’t agree with majority of the things that he highlights in his music. With that being said, I don’t think that he should be punished for expressing his beliefs in his songs. Let’s all be advocates for justice and let the JCF know that we’re not going to sit by idly while they kill and prosecute the youths of our society unlawfully. Hateing a person because of their beliefs is prehistoric. You and I would never know the facts of what really happened to lizard ( if infact he’s actually dead), unless we were there in person but, if you are a person of good reasoning and understanding, then you will agree that this farce of a trial won’t give you, me or lizard’s family any sense of justice.

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      • I agree
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      • Thank you…

      • Indeed!

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      • You’re entitled to your opinion but remember you can’t win an argument with opinions but facts so bring some facts you Stephen the Scoundrel.

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      • Acting as if you’re smart. Stop disrespecting people. Vybz kartel is gun man that’s facts. And if they want to put him in prison they has all rights. His music not doing nothing good for Jamaica anyhow, just bringing down the the value of some good reggae music.

      • When u say kartel isnt doing anything good for Jamaica I take it u think the police and the government is doing what’s in the best interest of Jamaican’s and Jamaica on a whole…..u might not agree with his music or life style but u cant blame him for societies short comings……This trial is not about justice it’s about a broken and corrupt police force trying to make an example out of one of the biggest artist of our generation…… This cases has been bludgeoned from the very beginning…… The clear cut evidence they so called had never materialized and their so called witnesses were even worse…… You people sit in whatever foreign country u reside in and try to pass judgement on issues u know nothing about….. walk these streets that we walk daily, live the life we live, know our fears and pains before u try to condemn a man u know nothing about except for what u see on T.V. …… Again u say he does nothing for Jamaica “What Have U Done For Us”……

      • You’re very bitter,I know the truth hurts but you will get over it. I see choose Barabas the gun man.

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      • Clearly I can’t go into the nitty gritties but why do you consider one particular factor in a case where loads of variables have been tabled to prove conspiracy on the part of the law enforcers.Of course if Lizard was murdered the culprits should pay but then Kartel and friends also got the right not to be subjected to the whims of the corrupt ruling elite and suffer for what they didn’t do.Insofar as the trial has proceeded there is just too much evidence to show an underhand to victimize innocent people out of mere hatred.

  8. Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Time will tell
    Just sayin

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