Shane O – Neva Lef It Lyrics

Maxfield man load up di clip
Whole a Spanish Town road to TG click
Water house, Maxfield, Olympic

Caw wi never left the glock and the matic
The 45, the woozy, never left it yet
Even a one slug fi deh inna mi crep
Even a 3 star yeh fi bruk yo neck
pu**y hole dem fi know seh wi no coward when wi a step
When mi seh load up the barrel yo think seh a clothe inna closet
Fatter clop the rifle , head open up like deposit
From yo dis 90’s pu**y hole a death
So tek gunshot

(Verse 1)
Load up the barrel some pu**y think a clothe
Rifle wet them up, them think a sprinkler hose
Mi have the thing pon mi side like the thing weh bring Jah sword
Them a chase like some big pu**y gyal inna pink a pose
Sniper light turn on a no light weh wink a shows
Tell pu**y hole Kippo no meck mi si him a road
Man haffi go bwal, gyal haffi go scream a road
When the bullet them inna the magazine a load

Tell Leng seh send any man meck mi duppy them
Mi ready fi the war mi naw go cut
The gun a Mountain View them a buss big yo f**K
Meck bwoy piss pant’s quad sh– like duck

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi no throw word, mi a gunshot flingers
Stick up di pu**y dem with the 4×4 stingers
Rat bat man stingers, drive shot like Bimma’s
Him cyaa dis mi cause pu**y dem have him as
Him as, watch yah, mi buck him up and him slimmas
Slimmas get scared and cut left are slippers
Tripe inna pot that a fry like fitters
Tripe inna pot that a fry like fitters
Always Killer the whole world have mi as
Hux out yo bloodclaat eyes wid a scissors
Gunshot a crawl paw skin but a no lizard
Shot mi use fight war mi no watch kickas

(Repeat Chorus 2X)