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Vybz Kartel Trial: Defense Attorneys Continues Closing Statements

Vybz Kartel and his four co-accused are back in the Home Circuit court today for what could be the beginning of their final week in court.

Last week Thursday, Miguel Lorne, who represents Shawn “Storm” Campbell, started making his closing pitch to the 11-member jury. However, court adjourned on Thursday because one jury could not make it to court on Friday.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Trial: Prosecution Closed, Says Defense Letter Bogus

Lorne is currently on the floor making his closing arguments. He told the jury that lead prosecutor Jeremy Taylor is trying to cloud their judgement with a case that has far too many evidence of corruption.

Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are on trial for the alleged murder of their former associate Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The Crown says Williams was beaten to death by the accused men on August 16, 2011 at a house in Havendale. His was killed over two missing guns belonging to the former Portmore Empire head.

His body has yet to be found.


  1. World boss should and must do road..even if he’s guilty, they have no concrete evidence. And how could the police officer use a cell phone that was place as evidence in the crime?? That’s called tampering with evidence..where’s the body? How about the sighting of Clive days after the alledged murder..and list goes on, my point is, they have no solid evidence so they are acting like a drowning man by catching at a straw. Jamaican judicial sh-tstem need to change and get rid of the corrupt cops and politicians.FREE ADIDJA PALMER. DONT TURN HIM INTO A POLITICAL PRISONER.

  2. Free Adie he is innocent

  3. People mi a beg unuh fi ansa these questions…the state is trying to prosecute vybze kartel and some of his cronies for murder. The main evidence that they had to get a conviction was tampered with just 3hrs after the arrest of the entertainer (mobile phone). The main witness is a wanted “gun man”. The main witness statement went missing while in the care of the “prosecution”. The original “CD” that they had to verify the facts on the mobile phone evidence went missing while in the care of the “prosecution”. Vybz kartel was never identified in any of the footages shown. I could go on and on but, the real question is…which side is the corruption coming from? It amazed me to see so much blunder in one case that I’m starting to look at this case in a totally different light. Who’s paying who and which side is more corrupted?..the defence or the prosecution? I just can’t seem to fathom how the prosecution could make so much blunder in a case that they “supposedly” want a victory at the end.

    • in fact the evidence tampering by the police points to them murdering lizard and conspiring to implicate Kartel. there is no DNA evidence to link the men to the murder. the police did not put any effort to secure Kartel’s place so that they later claim destruction of evidence by kartel.

      • Yes mammi , mi hear what yuh saying and to be frank, you have a solid point. When it comes to the JCF ,nothing surprises me…how can they the prosecution be so adamant that Clive Williams is dead and they didn’t find any carcass, DNA or solid proof? Seems to me that they know something that the rest of us don’t… just saying

  4. Kartel guilty, if not who else killed lizard?

    • prove hes dead first then ask that q

      • That’s right it’s all circumstantial evidence. Nothing given by the prosecution proves without reasonable doubt that kartel killed any1. No just and fair jury can convict a man on this weak evidence. Yardi I’ve seen lots of your post and you base your virdict on hate and no facts what so ever your like a child that just needs his say and say it without any rational thought. You my friend are kinda dumb and I pitty your stupidity. Kartel ah walk free Soon England ah miss his music

    • Why do you guys say “kill” ? In Canada and the U.S. its hard to convict a person without a body. Stop rushing to judgment. Watch the trial in its entirety and then judge.

  5. Yardie go read a book son . you sound like a fool this case is a set up if anything the cops did this to convict a man and have to bring proof the witness has been lying from day one this is why people are dying in the streets go learn something and stop talking about something you dont know about

  6. Money a run, the same police them a mess up the evidence.

  7. Kartel a go prison this week. Him kill Lizard so him fi do the time for it. Justice for Lizard.

    • Yardi dont b happy wi da folling down fi da another man.dis a di set up fi de yut t g to jell.

    • Yardi, a how you a talk bout kartel Fi go a jail cah him killed lizard? If you sure sey iim didda killed lizard den a where di man bloodclaat baddy deh? Nah come ya wid bagga chat cah yuh rassclaat nuh love kartel. Free up pan di man niem izeemi.

    • Yardie. It’s obvious you’re a hater..however, its not what u know, its what you can prove

  8. The International Justice System needs a complete overhaul.You need to convict someone bring hard and not doctored evidence.