Chris Martin – Just Like You Lyrics

Just like you
Mi never ever si yo dis my mommy
Take care a mi youth like yo take care a mi
That’s who I wanna be

Just like you, yea
Nuff youth don’t know dem daddy
Thank God mi know mine and him take care a mi
Daddy yuh a mi general

(Verse 1)
Mi buss a blank for mi daddy
From di day mi born him always being there for me
Through di up’s and downs yuh know yuh always being around
So everyday mi show yuh love
Not just when fathers day allowed
Daddy meck mi tell yuh straight
There’s no better man I would want to emulate
You declare to me that I was no mistake
Motivate and inspire me to be great

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Genius man yuh a dan
From mi a likkle youth, now mi tun a big man
Yuh ever teach rights, yuh know yuh never lead mi wrong
Teach mi how fi love, respect and treat a good woman
Mommy seh shi si yo when shi sees ma face
Shi smile cause there’s no disgrace
Your love puts are in a happy place
So I got to say I wanna be

(Repeat Chorus 2X)