Charly Black – Drive Me Crazy

(Verse 1)
Gyal yo pum, pum, comfortable
It tight, it no miserable
Yo punanny irresistible
Gyal yo pum, pum, comfortable

You have a happy vagina
Small like every eye in a China
Yo pu—y clean you no need no gina
Gyal yo pum, pum, comfortable

You drive me crazy
Mi love off the f—k weh yo give mi

You drive me crazy
Everytime you dash it out give mi

You drive me crazy
Baby no leave mi, no leave mi

(Verse 2)
Skin so smooth
You look more sexier when yo nude
Yo vagina legit and legal
It naw kick like Steven Segal
Like a movie lets make a sequel
Mi a yo weed man
You a mi weed gyal
You a crib, some gyal a regal
Dem forgotten long time no see gyal
Yuh a no matie, yuh a mi real gyal
You a mi magnet, mi a yo steel gyal

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Come wine up yo body for mi
Anyweh you a go you haffi carry mi
And mi no care if yo man waan war mi
Mi waan tek you go hide you weh in a Trilawny
Punanny a mi c—key company
When mi call you, gyal you fi come fi me
Fi da pu—y deh I am security
Daemon stoppable fi surety

(Repeat Chorus)

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