Busy Signal – Wet Spliff Lyrics

I naw long out mi tongue wet no spliff fi no man
No man, naw wet no spliff fi no man

Naw follow back a gyal watch no pu–y fi no man
No man, naw watch no gyal fi no man

Grab taxi from Town to Tavon fi no man
No man, mi naw rab no man fi no man

Wid illegal gun a buss shot fi no man
No man, naw buss no shot fi no

(Verse 1)
Mi build mi own a spliff
No bwoy no wet hi fi mi
Pay fi mi drinks no bwoy no get it fi mi
My own a strap no bwoy naw select it fi mi
Neven mi cheff him cyaa spaghetti fi mi
When man a touch road, crush road, block road
Set road, step out, step out
Block road, meck road, likkle bwoy go a yo bed
When man a tek road
Being through the weed lane not the crack head road
Me and certain bwoy naw go chad it pon the dame road
Work fi mi things dem, naw walk and beg road
Anyweh yo si mi, no join company
De tore some end up pon a dead road

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yo mad? Mi naw mix wid no bwoy saliva
Some bwoy meck man trick dem like Magiva
Deep sea, call dem scoober diver
Di way man a step it man a real, real, survivor
Me naw tek no drink and left
No wet up spliff like no weed naw left
Mi naw shear mi plate wid no bwoy
No spoon fi lick off, no knife, no fork

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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