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Vybz Kartel Trial: Prosecution Rest Case, Defense Complete No Case

After 46 days and 24 witnesses, prosecutors in Vybz Kartel murder trial has finally rest their case.

On Friday, lead attorney for the prosecution called its final witness and also called back star witness Lamar Chow to the witness stand.

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The Crown is arguing that Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams beat their former associate Clive “Lizard” Williams to death and disposed of his body.

Williams was allegedly murdered at Kartel’s house in Havendale on August 16, 2011 over two missing firearms.

The defense counter saying the entire case was a conspiracy by police officers to secure a conviction.

Yesterday, defense attorneys Christian and Tom Tavares-Finson, Pierre Rogers, and Miguel Lorne made their no case submissions. While Everton Deware, who represent Shane Williams and Tamika Harris, who represent Andre St John, completed their no case submission in the Home Circuit court this morning.

Tavares-Finson represent Vybz Kartel, while Pierre Rogers and Miguel Lorne represents Kahira Jones and Shawn Storm respectively.

Justice Lennox Campbell is expected to hand down a ruling today on the no case submission.


  1. @burn Gaza I’ve been following the case as an outside perspective and I must agree with others. Your an absolute retard mate you obviously have no concept of the the law all you have done is based your theory’s of the verdict on hate. Did kartel f@&k your wife or mother. Real talk this case has no base for a guilty verdict

  2. Yo d man is a g .but they real sloppy or the police down they really want to flush him out .better if d man suck a nani and chill now d man a jail house

  3. I have a very strong feeling Kartel will walk free it’s also depends on the jury .

    • Das true my laawd nuhbaddy really much seh bou di jury fi dem have di last set of words before judge uno get lost inna feeling bou di case an skip out on di reality. Wek up worl’

  4. Bun gaza: From the trial started yuh nuh av nutten good fi seh bout Kartel….Wen yuh a talk, yuh nuh talk base on the evidence presented by both parties…. Yuh only talk on behalf of your dislike for Kartel. If yu know anything about the law than you’ll see that kartel av a 90% chance of getting off this case….

    • Wat u knw abt law ? Laws are for poor people, both parties fabricate the evidence . Kartel is guilty wen dem did lock up jah cure Babylon never have so much evidence with his case like . If kartel walk free a buy dem buy it out dwl him can’t have 90% chance of walking free no sah with all those people who come informer pon him . Justic for lizard lol lock up daddy devil

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  6. THE evidence is not strong enough to convict kartel

  7. There is no doubt that there is enough evidence to convict Vybz Kartel and his friends but I wouldn’t be surprised if he walk free because the cops and the prosecution handling of this case is nothing short of slappy.