Iyara – Cyaa Ketch Lyrics

This one get weh, yuh a idiot?
Yo know how mi thing stay
Chattings dem deh pon

Skilarchy no bwoy cyaa dis mi an get weh
All when dem claim seh dem take weh
Could a fly weh pon a iron bird
My action speak louder than words

If mi cyaa catch quaco mi a go catch him shirt
And wet him up
Black pain a fall pon hi shirt
Fairy top head top buss
A Maddens a come take that up

(Verse 1)
Supn haffi happen from dem violate
All when dem run go St. Mary higher gate
Wi going over fi turn dem over
Caw mi NatoBay friends head hot like weh bread a bake
Portland wi no lite like feather weight
Throat wi cut fi birthday never cut a cake
So if brother Nancy play no tricks an fly out
Mi Taylor come stitch him a him brother gate
Mi never drop my guard caw mi a no bate
All when mi an mi girl out pan a date
Better mi have it an no want it
Than mi want it an no have it

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Verse 2)
Meck mi tell yuh this
No bother feel seh if yuh dis it a go stop deh so
Yuh might hungry an cyan go a di shop deh so
Caw the whole a my dogs dem lock deh so
A bad people seh that an a no crap seh so
Samacant mi para might lock deh so
GrandsPen have the new shanty head hot deh so
Fletchers Land wi no do yipping an yap deh so
As yuh slip yuh drop deh so

(Repeat Chorus 2X)