Kabaka Pyramid – Never Gonna Be A Slave Lyrics

Never gonna be a slave fi dem economy now
The fire burning immaculate
Kabaka P a meck yo know
Am never gonna be a slave to dem system

Rasta naw look no wuk in a dem business
Never gonna be a slave to dem system
Lox a grow, do no get it twisted
Never gonna be a slave to dem system
Naw bow nor stoop fi si no wrist bling
Never gonna be a slave, never gonna be a slave

(Verse 1)
I man rather do some forming
Plant up a couple acre that be a faker
I prefer be a fruit seller than a teller in a bank of Jamaica
Bankrupt Jamaica
I prefer sell some books and some arts and crafts
Than si the vender a grind pon the boss man chart
Dem meck a profit but a lost man lost
Me dem naw crucify pon no cross

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
No bother worry when the youths dem a follow wi
Wi naw stick around fi boost dem economy
Da supn deh yuh call school is a policy
Pon all the teacher dem a used psychology
Hey yo seh education a the key
But it no free, so dem a slave yo fi a fee
Once yo graduate and yo get yo degree
A yo student loan yuh haffi pree

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Cause as a rasta man in a dem system
Dem discriminate wi, intimidate wi
Boss man him ever quick fi incriminate
And a ask what yo did fi mi lately
Yuh have yo wife to feed and a baby as well
Without self sufficiency a slavery
So when the bills keep piling on
Look in a the mirror and say to yo self

(Repeat Chorus 2X)