Text Messages Implicate Vybz Kartel, Shawn Storm In Clive Williams Murder

Vybz Kartel murder trial in the Home Circuit court on Monday saw some major development as the prosecution revealed text messages from Clive “Lizard” Williams cellphone.

The damning text messages implicate Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm in the alleged August 16, 2011 murder of Clive Williams.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Trial: Judge Accept Video Footage Into Evidence

Detective Corporal Sean Brown, from the Organized Crime Investigation Division (OCID), made a PowerPoint presentation of some text messages alleged sent between Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm and Clive Williams and his girlfriend.

A terrified Clive Williams sent several text messages to his girlfriend on August 16, 2014 begging her to help him while he was en route to the house in Havendale.

Police officers say Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, along with Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams allegedly beat Clive “Lizard” Williams to death over two missing firearms belonging to the dancehall star.

Here is a transcript of the alleged text messages:

Clive Williams to Vybz Kartel – August 8, 2011
3.09 pm – Williams:
 “Daddy a little thing gwaan. Wi really waan talk to you daddy”

Shawn Campbell to Vybz Kartel – August 16, 2011
3.09 pm – Campbell:
 Mi boss wi haffi get back dem ting deh, mi boss
3.28 am – Campbell: “Cuz right now, mi not even can sleep, mi boss”
3.29 am – Campbell: “Jah know di likkle time mi close mi eye”

Shawn Campbell to 844-5320- August 16, 2011
1.11 pm – Campbell:
 “Something a gwaan pon di ends and a serious some ting cuz ppl ago ded don’t tell mammy nottin”
1.12 pm – Campbell: “And delete dem txt yah wen mi don txt you
1.20 pm – Campbell: No mi gd
1.21 pm – Campbell: And who tief it ago ded
1.21 pm – Campbell: Soon mek yuh know waah go gwaan
1.43 pm – Campbell: “How much fi deal with every ting fi Lizzy
1.45 pm – Campbell: “ok”

Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams and his girlfriend
6.53 pm – Williams:
 “baby, teacha sen call”
6.55 pm – Girlfriend: “What are you going to do bbz”
6.57 pm – Girlfriend: “I couldn’t answer, bbz. Sorry”
6.58 pm – Williams: “I’m really SCARED baby, please call police. You have to save me, plz”
6.58 pm – Girlfriend: “jus u alone?”
7.00 pm – Williams: “Please tell Nadine to call police for me please. U have to do it now, please”
7.08 pm – Williams: “tell dem that Vybz Kartel ago kill we, please baby”
7.09 pm – Williams: “please you have to hurry up”
7.11 pm – Williams: “Shawn can’t save we, plz. We in a Need a drive go up there”
7.13 pm – Williams: “baby are u sure? Wats the address, bbz?”
7.13 pm – Williams: “tell Nadine to call the police”
7.16 pm – Williams: “baby, please all mi know a Havendale. Please tell dem fi look for Neepha car”
7.18 pm – Williams: “mi deh a Red Hill Road a go up please please”
7.18 pm – Girlfriend: “ok baby, i’m praying for u. Yhou tht ntn doesnt happen i will call” [sic]
7.20 pm – Williams: “tell Nadine don’t stop. Please call every min”

Shawn Storm and Vybz Kartel

Last week Joseph Simmonds, who is Digicel’s Group Business Risk Director, took the witness stand and told the court that none of the 40 cellphones were registered to Vybz Kartel and his co-accused  Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams.

Simmonds also told the court that it is possible to clone a Digicel sim card.

The jury now have the daunting task of determining whether or not these are legitimate text messages sent between the parties involved.

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  1. It has nothing to do with hate. If someone does wrong they must be prepared and accept the punishment. I think you need to chill and in need of that pill…your worl boss is guiltyyyyyy. Clive is mince meat hate to say as not nice but that’s what ur worl boss did to him or gave instructions to disperse of the body

  2. Sheals Sweets Smith

    Because i wasnt there…………… flatline!! Let life has its way………….many speaking out of ignorance with bold assumptions………… sound like idiots!!!smh

  3. I do not know vybz kartel nor his co-accused personally, but if you want to be realistic you would say they did committed the act of murder… but having said that you still have to prove it in the court of law and in this case….. #notsufficientevidence

  4. people need for realize sey dem a frame di man.
    Look how much time di man have to call police wen him did a talk to him girlfriend

  5. If this is so real why the text messages don’t show Worl’Boss replying back to them ???

    #ThisIsSoFake. #FreeWorl’Boss

  6. carelessboutpeople

    The facts of this trial is that theres no weapon, no body and no strong forensic evidence.. According to the key witness vybz kartel after killing clive william went to the hospital because he was bitten by a dog… Wheres is the picture of the clothes.. Where is hospital records for that specific day. The facts of a text message cannot convict of murder….clive william himself is not innocent either.. sad to say this whole trial is a joke… The police force in jamaica is locking training and how to handle a crime scene.. Who called the police? Did the police used the proper procedure when looking over the crime scene…alot of this trial doesnt make sense..RIp clive williams… Because everyone deserve a proper burial.. I can see where it hurts because they didnt get to say their goodbyes.. But how far could they have carried a died body in car? Not too far from the witness statement… Free world boss!!!

  7. All anti gaza fanz. Three word suck uno self . Free worl boss

  8. This is sticky it doesn’t matter bout Gaza or Gully in this case it’s about someone life been taken.I’m not here to Judge because the Bible said though shall not judge….and it also said though shall not kill but tell me this now???How can they be per-longing out this case So long??? All I am saying is if the man not guilty let the man go he is a human being like us and FREEDOM is a must.Also if him Do the crime I believe in do the time,that’s just my opinion we all free to state our own opinion. Base an all these missing cd/dvd, None of those 40 phone belonfs to kartel or the other accused etc etc I believe they need to let this man out Free the man because it seems like it some pickney thing going on here or some movie dem a try mek it must be 12 years of slavery or something.

    Note:This is what I think……I think they should get the superior court from overseas and lawyers from overseas to deal with this cause it look like all di police and di juror dem a sehh Gaza and Gully when a Fairtrial dem fi a do.

  9. FreeWorl’Boss :)

  10. free wurl boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mi boss nuh worry yu soon forward a road back>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I think he had something to do with it, but I hope they set worl boss free. If u decide to be a gangsta there’s certain rules u hav to follow. U live by the sword u die by the sword. Clive made that choice, and wateva madness he did to warrent his death we’ll he knew wat he was doin, so u decide to theif the man gun and don’t expect any reprecautions

  12. Selecta digital I don’t agree with u if he was in the US the case would have been dismissed BS . Innocent until proven guilty . One thing for sure if this case was in the US this case would have been finish and done with .

  13. free worldboss and yardie su– u madda

  14. if ur guily ur guilty if u innocent u innocent, ppl free to express dem opinion

  15. People Should Read.

    people need to follow this case a bit closer before making dumb comments, Unless These updates are not accurate, You can go back to where the Girl Friend testified that she tried calling him at 8pm but didnt go into detail

    Williams’ girlfriend at the time told the court that the last time she saw or spoke to him was on the morning of August 16, 2011 before she left for work.

    the text messages state that she spoke with him last at about 7:26….So how did she just forget to say….Hey by the way i spoke with him up until his phone turned off and he said they where going to kill him i am a gaza fan to say he did it or didn’t I cant comment but As far as i am reading this case makes sense sometimes and some times its BLAH……I think they want something to stick to avoid a lawsuit from him..

  16. I think he had something to do with it, but I hope they set worl boss free. If u decide to be a gangsta there’s certain rules u hav to follow. U live by the sword u die by the sword. Clive made that choice, and wateva f—ry he did to warrent his death we’ll he knew wat he was doin, so u decide to theif the man gun and don’t expect any reprecautions. If Clive was my peoples or family yeah I would want kartel dead but he not so for now free worl boss. People makin out like Clive some innocent person and he get kill for no reason. U a g u hav to deal with the consequences. And on the other side of the coin if Clive family kill kartel and dem I can’t say kartel don’t deserve it, but I can’t say he deserve to go to jail for killing a gangster that did him wrong. It’s all the consequences of the game they play

  17. I am all about justice and rights. Kartel is one of the baddest artist lyrically. That being said if he is guilty he is guilty but he should be presumed innocent until that day. The whole problem is the system. If he was in America this trial would have already been dismissed, but because he’s home in Jamaica you can see obvious signs of an unfair system. If he is guilty fine make him responsible for taking a persons life. All this “lost Cd”, no concrete evidence, no body found and heir say would not fly in another justice system. The prosecution needs to present more than just these things to make a proper case. Most defense attorneys would get him off easily.

    • Well, its up to the jury – they have to FEEL SURE that these men are guilty – based on whats happened so far i dont think a sensible juror could feel sure -you feel sure say him reeally dead – you feel sure these texts are authentic – everybody might “know” say him dead and “know” say x do it – but if the jury convict dat going across the road!

    • I can give you more than a handful of cases in the BIg O’USA that did not go well.

  18. Kartel mix UP himself with fu—-g deadbeats , lowlives and losers. I am a big Shawn Storm fan come on man look what u putting your family true does it worth it . Shawn look like he going to take rap for this crime .

  19. Are you lots have the slightest acumen of intelligence? How can you say he’s guilty if the ‘original CD’ with the phones records are missing? Remember, the original CD is there to verify the information on the one presented to the court yesterday. The Jamaican defense system are trying to create evidence against Mr. Palmer; this whole trial is a joke…. How can the original gone missing? For all we know the Police manipulated the phone records. This is craaazyy!! LOL

    • Member dat there is video to come out too. Lets wait and see if this whole ting is manipulated as you claim it is.

    • The information about a second cd is false – Check out the report by the police in the gleaner about fabricated stories

    • The lawyer are well aware, that with computer, you can always go back to the hard drive and retrieve whatever you had on it, even it it was deleted. They did not press the matter, because they knw the evidence is there, they are just trying to do their best and put doubt i the jurors head. Its call forensic science.

      • No its call being a good criminal defence lawyer defending his client to the max…but didn’t work….guilty as charged

  20. this is bad news for vybz

  21. Having a developed, modern n civilise Jamaica is far important than million if they kill, they go to jail to learn tat..

  22. fi two dunce man dem,,dem write perfect patios..who dem rass police yah a try trick

    • you a trick you own self – when did the police take the phones – in September 2011 what are the dates of the text messages

  23. Free to do road but only when proved innocent. You can’t just shout out “free Worl Boss” before im been proved innocent because murder ah serious ting.

  24. tayloemesoopretty

    free worl boss????? lock up his asss

  25. This is Fakeeeeeee!!!!!!

  26. Am a fan of Kartel music but if him and Shawn Storm kill Clive Williams dem need fi go prison fi life. Gaza fans will chastise mi but am just just saying what if it was your father or brother got killed ?

    • Clearly,u are not following this trial fully. At least keep up with jan 10th testimonies before u say something do know guy was never even found rite? He could be drinkin pina coladas somwhere for all we know.also,none of the cells were tracked to any of the accused, if u have half a brain ud realize what this fake “texts”were about,and why day after telecom testified n cleared everyone smh.if ur house is on fire,ud text your mommy to call fire dept…want me to give u nr just in case dwl

      • Let Kartel DIE in JAIL! He knows what happened don’t be stupid talking all that nonsense. It was his property and his house in Hallandale. NO body in Clive Williams family or most of Jamaica have the sophisticated technology to manipulate ELECTRONIC Tex message data period.
        Kartel had MANY opportunity to do the right thing… but instead of focusing on his music career HE chose to be a thug and this is what happen to ALL FAKE thugs. BADNISS never pay, ask Sandokhan, Jim Brown, Massop or Natty Morgan.

        WHY the baddest deejay Bounty Killer and others never get caught slipping like foolish Kartel?? Kartel is a jackass… he know what happen inside his house to his friend Clive Williams and therefore MUST share some culpability.

      • please take ur gully dickriding somwhere else.not intrested in ur fagetry

      • Dats di same ting uncivilised people kill one another for, kill or hate each other because the other guy supports gully side and di other guy supports gaza. Music is meant to be enjoyed by all not to bring war and hatred amongst us. I wish all Jamaican musicians had the same mentality of the likes of Bob Marley, Garnet Silk and many more conscious musicians.

      • Sound just like a Gaza Princess.

      • Leave out the princess more like a Gaza Ghetto lol true princess don’t behave in the way InaGotovina is behaving plus princesses are ladies :P

      • Ur gonna stop saying my name,or would u like me spell out yours ,princess obvious?

      • I have stopped your too much of a mouthful. ..yes i am a princess

      • REMEMBER, you is the one Riding Kartel dick by virtually declaring your gaza God innocent of all charges based on your speculation with lack of foundation.

        But I guarantee if it was your family member who was the CLOSE right-hand man of Kartel that came up MISSING you would want the justice system hang Kartel by his balls.

        I live 19 years in Jamaica and there is no way a person with limited resources like Clive Williams can FAKE his death as you insinuate for soooooo many years. It is even very difficult with strong financial resources much-less.

        Just take a pause and look at this from a neutral standpoint. WHY did Kartel and his boys set fire to the property if they had NOTHING to hide? After the alleged brutal beating of Clive Williams there was so much blood and guts inside that house and the best way to get rid of that evidence is to burn it. You think Kartel was going to burn up Clive Williams body in his house so the autopsy show he had massive fatal body wounds? You must be NUTS.

        NEWS Flash, you don’t need a body to prosecute and win a murder trial. Troy Davis was executed on death row in Atlanta Georgia despite no murder weapon or ballistic evidence linking him to the shooting death of a police officer in Georgia. I HATE it but that is the Justice system world we live in today.

        I bet you if they “water-board” Kartel or his boys they would lead police to the cement column that they buried Williams body in. You have to be a damn fool to believe Kartel good friend visit him and end-up disappearing without a trace and Kartel who feed and clothes him have NO clue where he is. SMDH!!

      • Sorry but i have no gazagod, but God. Secondly,you must not understand how law works.people dont go to trial to prove theyre innocent,theyre there to prove not guilty.
        U r thinkin w ur emotions.

      • You are truly dumb InaGotovina

      • Says a b-!ch who goes two months back in time to many accounts u gonna make? Gtfoh.

      • Well that just shows you I have no time for shyte and when I am sick as I am now and doing nothing I have time to browse the net and comment as and when even if it’s a year later bytch

      • Two months is not a year, were u home schooled,”princess”? They made medz for badmind yet? Overdose .

      • You are deffo dumb and I have nothing else to say to u. I suggest u read again my last message to u not including this one…i am sure it’s u that needs schooling bye dumbo

      • I know who u are. Stop embarassing urself dwl.

      • I 100% agree with you I get ur point dnt ansa that idiot gyal it look like devil mus a fu– her becuz a she jus talking a lot of bs . Kartel his guilty of something and that’s facts mi nah jus say guilty becuz mi nuh like him bt him burst him own bubbles

      • Nah,he fc–‘d YOUR girl,sillyboy

      • carelessboutpeople

        Lol… In the united state of america, crimes are investigated and plee margins are giving. I am not saying that innocent people arent in jail but theres two side to a story. Vybz kartel trial is a joke… theres no body, no weapon and no forensic evidence… text messages alone cannot convict a person of murder. And where in the messages did vybz kartel replied.. they do not have enough evidence to convict him of murder.. Sad to say.. how many innocent life did clive william himself taken..

      • Kartel well evolved in the murder. ..not replying is because he’s being smart but again as someone said why burn his house down and any intelligent person wud know criminals buys sims and don’t register them in they names becos up to no good. Kartel is an accomplice and that means the same charge MURDER and the jurors came to the right conclusion GUILTY….b4 i go so what about Clive txts to his girlfriend??? Are they fake and made up aswell…good he behind bars. .He thinks he was invincible because of who he is/was. Justice is served for the Williams family clap clap

      • Real talk agree with u

      • ummm bounty killer beat women remember and has caught wit gun possession. Bounty nuh badmon hes jus entertainer

      • And kartel a nuh badman a badman shell burst him self bobylon need to lock him up

      • Pu—hole dnt diss the general war lord nothing wrong if him beat woman some woman need fi get beat up like mr Vegas baby mada weh bring Man into his home and having sex in front of the child if my baby mada try dat mi kick it up ontil mi see blood ! The bleacher is Nt a badman he his a dutty devil worship , bleach out like a big pu—. Bounty killer own dancehall if u think kartel a badman u a idiot .

      • so if bounty killer beat your mother,grandma,sister female cousin wit a hammer thats okay ???? LMFAO get back to school

      • It’s a cold world it all depends on wat she did if mr Vegas baby mother was my mother sister ect , she deserve the hammer couple kick Ina face some blood ago run bt no death . U need more than school you think wat kartel did that make him a badman ? Lol a lot dj/man buy gun and gun get miss up and man dead the bleacher jus Over do it! Dancehall belong to the war lord

      • im not sayin kartel a badmon im jus sayin these guys are just entertainers

      • U sound like u did a diss mi general war lord real man inna the business how long .tis how kartel market him self by doing stupid stuff or promote fu—ry devil work ,bleach out, come with him batty man laugh sound like him deh pon a big hood only woman make those sound . Mi nah wish nobody any jail time bt mi nuh sorry fi ghetto boy get the riches and dash it weh for a one gun .who the hell kill people at yr home then u set on fire lol u kill man pon endz nt yr home

      • look at chu worship a man who would give two fks bout u .

      • That’s a very good question..who wud do that at there own home???this y in finking set up…and to bleach is any different than for me as a white, to go into the sun and tan? Just asking??!

      • carelessboutpeople

        Your a very ignorant person. And i can guarantee your living in jamaica. Because if you hit any female here in the US you will be going to jail. I can almost guarantee that a woman aint your mother…

      • Is a child or a jack a$$ that posted this comment

      • suk u mummma dry

      • ok its a jack a$$ – I would have to decline that request – I am not like you

      • carelessboutpeople

        How many people did clive william himself killed. Live by the gun die by the gun…. Theres a little saying that goes like this. Do unto others like you would like them to do unto you.

      • u sound like u naver go to school because someone with since con c that this case is fix no weapon,no body and furthermore u have a witness that have a gun charge on the stand,a criminal con not convict a next criminal.on if that happen,the judge is not a licensing judge.if that was America that case would b throughout already because there is no evidence.these is the thing that us Jamaica look bad.most people do not like the wold boos that y they trying to put him away

      • Love wat u say here truth..i hope u dnt mind me jus to add also, member Xmas wen they dna test a Clive relative an dna come back as a no match, free the teach, bless addi…

      • U kno wat happen in him house? U a fool.

      • Prodution Ghettostar

        Dem kill the man ediat

      • chat that sh– when they prove it,bit–.

      • chat that sh* when they PROVE it, bi*ch

      • U sound like kartel a fu@@k yuh bout the man could be drinking piña colads the man dead that’s a fact u never hear the informer say the last time him see Clive a inna kartel house from dat day nobody see him nt even him sister see . World itch is a idiot kill man a yr house then burn it dwn him look guilty already by doing dat . Mi nah follow tis idiot case if I were the jury I lock him already jus because mi nuh like him and him av somthing fi do with the killing

      • if you were the jury ud lock him up already?LMFAO, see this is why talking to uneducated peasants is sound like u should be locked up for even sayin that .

      • You damn right mi would a lock him up and dash weh the key suh him can get back black.

      • Clearly u cannot comprehend – the text messages are confirming parts of the key witness testimony –

      • clearly, u have missed entire case up untill that point.dont talk pieces, talk puzzle.

      • But r them txt genuine???? This the dispute!!

      • If yuh knw what the ppl who have you in their “possessions” are capable off, let me think, would you still call the police yourself and whisper, while you in the car, that come quick dem a try kill me, or would yuh text the police so dem don’t hear you? Don’t think yuh wud have a text number for the police. So ur best option wud to text someone and have that person do it for you, hello. And in that way, them THUGS wud not knw you had anything to do with it. Stop Drinking the Kool Aid. Let me remind u ppl, u dont need a body to convict, its call circumstantial evidence.

      • Please read what u just wrote.dwl.i cant even….

      • Disagree with u and agree with what yardie is saying. You need to read and follow and stop being bias and think about the victim in this case. Don’t you know that criminals when doing illicit things they always buy sim cards without having to register they details and change sims more often than they have hot dinners, so no trace and not registered to them why no evidence. But.. still enough evidence to convict …people are not stupid maybe I should say some are not stupid. There are all guilty of the crime and rightly so a guilty verdict. The only lizard your going to see is the one crawling between your legs. Clive Williams is dead mince meat so no chance of him having propped up at a bar having a pint of pina colada. That would of been nice for his family but we intellectuals know that is not going to happen…you need to move on and accept the verdict

    • No your no fan your a hater

      • Prodution Ghettostar

        So if kartel kill the man him not suppose to go jail u a mad person bout fan fan of a murdera

      • Excuse Me??? I’m Sorry But Me Didn’t Ask For Your Opinion ……But Um #FreeWorl’Boss

      • So you mean say just because of fan base loyality Kartel fans should support Kartel even if im and Shawn Storm murdered Clive. Thats wrong thinking in a civilised world dat.

      • First off who the fu– is Clive they can’t even find a evidence to save they’re life’s every text messages I read they put on the internet don’t make NO SENSE at all so please hater take a chill pill… You mad for what? They stories don’t make sense point, blank, period fu– the law in you cruel a$$es that hate Di Teacha

    • you are trying to use reverse psychology to appear fear but clearly you wouldn’t imply the negative on kartel so prudent. evaluation : you are not a fan.