Aidonia – Goody Goody Lyrics

Shi goody goody wooy
Shi goody goody wooy
Shi goody goody wooy

(Verse 1)
Meck mi shout out wooy yuh have the tight vagina
Man walk from Town go a Halama
Shi seh I when mi shrub it up under
Shi seh I so mi shrub it up harder
Mi seh what a pu–y fat gyal di panty buff
Gyal bring yo body come meck mi cramp it up
Skin clean yo no pitchy, patchy, chop and chip up
Yo know how fi wine when di jassy buck

Bend yo back backas, gyal tip up
Bend yo back backas, gyal tip up
Tough c–key shrub in a yo gut
The pu— fat in a yo draws and buff

(Verse 2)
Come yah wid the stiff titty
Gyal tight pu–y love feel the big di–y
Mi seh sexy shave up yo pretty kitty
Weh full a di grippy, grippy, left the c-key chippy, chippy
Yo punanny no sicky, sicky
And yuh no nam nough yuh no licky, licky
Yuh no old like granny and favor old donkey
Fat pum, pum, in a yo panty

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Yo pu–y tight, tight, like a nat
Put hi pon the buddy head right pon the top
Now on a mission every gyal a lye pon yo back
Just c–k up like yo pon the bike pon the back
The way shi a wine mi haffi seh a Jackie that
Sitdown a brucki and a brucki till the c–key pop
What piece a f, what a pu–y gyal hi fat, hi fat
Stab her wid mi c–key meck shi seh it hot, it hot

(Repeat chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)