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Sting Promoters Banned Sizzla, D’Angel

Sizzla Kalonji and D’Angel will no longer be able to perform at future Sting stage shows.

But the promoters even went a step further to ban D’Angel from even entering the venue.

WATCH: Sizzla Fire Burn Gays At Sting 30

During Sting 30 on December 26, at Jamworld, Portmore, Sizzla delivered one of his most hardcore performances going all out fire burning gays and those folks with non-traditional sexual preferences.

His performance was broadcast live on pay-per-view and online. But despite a plea from promoters, Sizzla condemn gays anyway.

Beenie Man and DAngel at Sting

This is what Isiah Laing told the Gleaner:

“We had a meeting on Saturday and we, Heavy D and myself, came to the decision to ban Sizzla Kalonji and D’Angel from Sting. Sizzla was warned repeatedly before going onstage about not promoting hate music and he went up there and did it repeatedly. We are going international and we warned every artiste before they went on to the stage.”

“We are banning D’Angel as a patron also. We don’t want your money D’Angel. Stay home. Watch the event on pay-per-view.”

“What kind of image is D’Angel portraying as a mother? She’s saying she came to clash but that’s not how the clash went. It was not about Ninjaman, she embarrassed herself. At least a five-year ban for D’Angel.”

D’Angel, who was not on the lineup, took the stage to perform with Beenie Man and later with Ninjaman. The dancehall diva repeatedly say she wanted to clash Ninjaman for the US$30,000 up for grab.


  1. fireman a bun? feel no way man. who jah bless, no man curse.

  2. Isiah Laing must batty man how you can ban sizzla…Laing stop chase down batty man money cause ah the real ghetto people inna jamaica support you from day 1…honestly sting get boring cause everything way batty man mix up inna is tasteless.bun all chi chi and lezzy.

  3. Did 2 chainz got ban all that mofos he was saying

  4. I do not agree with Dangel been ban BS . If it was an international artist did that sh– . They would not have ban her . I don’t agree with what she did no one is perfect . Look who they put on Sting Two Chain he did jack sh– . Give me a fu—ng break Laing .

  5. Tis is crazy sizzla was the best prefromance of the night freedom of speech I dnt see anything wrong if the man a burn out batty man mi love dat gunshot Ina head we nah accept that life style no time .wen the bleacher kick dwn ninja and then apologize mi nuh hear no man get ban mi all see man bring gun pon stage and nuh get ban big joke thing if them really ban sizzla hope a jus a stunt

  6. god blessing , evil can not win good.continue to respect the creator creation and respect nature. god will allow human to be wipe out with disease that disrespect the body organ that the soul live in.