Justin Bieber Says He Is Retiring, Believe Movie Flop

Justin Bieber announced his retirement from music on Christmas Eve, a day before his new movie “Believe” hit theaters.

“My beloved beliebers I’m officially retiring,” the 19-year-old singer tweeted.

Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun has since stepped forward to address the panic among Beliebers.

“I’m telling him after this movie, I want him to take next year off and just take a break,” Braun told Ryan Seacrest. “He can still live in the studio and work on the next album, which is what he wants to do, but I just want him to take some time to himself, so he can have that time alone cause he’s been working since he was 12 years old.”

Justin Bieber movie “Believe” flopped at the box office.

The new documentary film has performed poorly at the box office at the opening weekend over the Christmas holiday.

The film ranked 14th place after grossing $2.01 million.

Perhaps the announcement of his retirement caused fans to boycott the film or perhaps they were just not interested.


  1. How the fu– did Justin save your life? What the hell has he done to deserve such an accolade? He’s peed in a cleaner’s bucket at a restaurant, harassed hookers, trashed hotel rooms, mock fat girls, lash out at media in a tasteless way, sped around school zones in his neighbourhood, so please,


    Elaborate on what of those actions could have saved your life.

  2. futuristic reality

    A chicken sings better than jb, true story

  3. A real jackas$

  4. I am going to be so sad because he is my baby. forever even if he does retire

  5. good riddance i say, arrogant spoiled little untalented brat. yep, not a “belieber” at all!!!!

  6. Justin bieber is just a kid who acts like he’s a bad boy. and if YOU want a REAL role model go follow and fan over better people like Demi Lovato. She battled with bipolar and eating disorder and ended up cutting herself. but guess what she went to rehab and came out stronger and her music is better then justin’s s***.

  7. People were just not interested…so glad it bombed

  8. It’s really simple!! people have moved on! they Can’t stand the Dude!!!

  9. Please people stop being me to him u guys are jealous of him haters Justin I am going to miss u so much I only love to listen to your songs only because it’s about love and all through those videos that I watch I seen how you grown and your voice got deeper I love u soo much that right now I m crying maybe I will not crying my phone number is 956-560-3298 I wish that u don’t retired but u need to because u been working so much so I love u Justin have fun going to miss u :'( 🙁

    • …Are you serious? You are going to look back on the comment one day and want to crawl into a corner and die.

    • beiber is a joke

      you are truly, without a doubt, the stupidiest person in the world. You actually put your phone number on a reply thread? You really think JUST”ME” “ME”IBER is actually gonna call you? With the way things are nowadays, do you realize how dangerous that is to put your phone number up there. You are a complete and total idiot. Obviously an idiot, look at who your idolizing. A 19 year old prick.

  10. Seriously buddy calm the hell down Justin is an amazing person he’s helped out so many charities, giving poor kids his shoes, building schools, he is an amazing role model for kids head always helping kids sick kids, Justin is human just like us people make mistakes get over it And quit the haten on him

  11. Or maybe he said he was going to retire to transfer the medias attention off that girl he caused to kill herself

    • he never made a girl kill herself. that’s a HUGE accusation to make. i know he’s saved the lives of so many broken people that i’ve met including my own and that’s a reason why a lot of his beliebers are so quick to defend him and aren’t going to leave him. please just check your facts before you throw sh– like that out there.

  12. luv u Justin

  13. or perhaps karma got him, the spoil Pratt gets what he deserves

    • Firstly, how’s he a spoil bratt when he followed his dream secondly, your clearly freaking jealous of him thirdly, grow the hell up instead of wasting your time hating on Justin and do something useful with your pathetic life

      • Thank you for standing up for him! I took a stand too. That’s what true beliebers do ????

      • Sorry but he is a liar with a huge ego. He hurts people and blames his bad behavior on others. He doesn’t think laws apply to him and calls woman b–ches. The list goes on and on. Plus true beliebers are rude and mean even to other fans. People now dislike Justin and his nasty fans who attack others. He is a terrible role model and a very violent and obnoxious former Pop tween singer. He wanted a bad boy image and now he has one. He wants to be a rapper and thinks he has to act like Chris Brown. He is getting what he deserves a terrible reputation. He is a punk with no respect for women, his fans or anyone else. I hope he retires as he is now the second most hated person behind hi boy Chris Brown. He will pay for his mean, crude, rude and disgusting behavior. His movie and album flopped. Karma

      • JB deserves a break he’s worked so hard he needs it and when he returns all his fans will be waiting u go JB

      • Jess u call perving over him doing something useful with YOUR life?

      • Spoiled brat? Hmm lets see.

        He groped a fan’s breast at a meet-and-greet.

        He spat on his neighbour and pissed in a cleaning bucket THAT SOMEONE ELSE WOULD HAVE TO CLEAN.

        Calls fan a beached whale.

        He visited the Anne Frank House and managed to make it about himself.

        He had his bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of China.

        He reportedly solicited a prostitute in Brazil.

        He never gives his OWN money to charity because he is a greedy f—er.

        Do I need to go on? You are clearly a stupid immature girl who can’t control her bloody hormones so you cream your panties at the site of some attractive rich popstar without realising what a douche he is.

      • As a gay guy, I can say confidently that the majority of us who don’t like Justin Bieber is not because we are jealous of him. He’s a short, skinny, immature (now) adult. With his money and fame and opportunities, he has just completely threw every bit of potential he had out of the window. He’s not going to be relevant for very much longer as current pop stars are rising up.

  14. I am going to miss him,cos i love him so much

    • Sorry, but he is an idiot. You need to face facts and find someone else to fangirl over.

      • Jealous much

      • If he’s a bad person, then why did he build a school in Guatemala for the poor kids? Why did he take the time to go to the theater on opening day for his movie and give Christmas presents to every single belieber in there. He’s not a bad person. In the movie he says he’s 19. He’s gonna make mistakes and he specifically said that he’s human and when someone hurts his heart, of course he’s gonna get angry. That’s normal. So he’s not a bad person and I can’t stress that enough

      • Hughjackson Von Qui Qui

        He has millions of dollars. It would be disgraceful if he didnt build a school. He showed up to the film cause he wants the attention. He doesnt give a sh– about his “beliebers”.

      • Someone else made up the whole he’s just 19 excuse and now he keeps using it. He should have stopped his bad behavior by now. That excuse got old. It just made him think he can continue to pull his stunts. He got worse when he thought the excuse worked. Now nobody but beliebers use it. Peeing in restaurant kitchens, getting told off for cursing and bothering other passengers, having his bodyguards hurt people, sleeping with Prostitutes has to hurt his Mom, missing meet and greets with no refunds, breaking laws in other countries, playing football in the Anne Frank house and leaving that self-centered comment. Too much to mention and all after he used the excuse. An excuse doesn’t entitle you to then behave worse. He is an entitled little puny thug.

      • he thinks rape can be the victim’s’s fault.

      • I use to like him a lot but iv found that his really turned into an unlikable person. His always in the media about something his done wrong. Justin Came to my country last year and trashed the hotel room and threw all the people out the pool area and took over the pool. He crashed 3 golf carts and treated the staff like crap! all this in 3 days of being here! No one wants him back! if he has no respect for the people around him then he is just plane asshole and we all know the only reason he bought a school ect. is cos scooter told him to do something good for once. Wake up to reality Celebs cant handle their money and that’s whats ruins them!

      • yawnnn. did he personally build this school did he? no, he was one of the ‘helpers’ simply getting some time in the spotlight trying to boost his ratings. I wouldn’t call being an arrogant spoiled brat making mistakes….pissing in a bucket or spitting on people or keeping his apparent beloved ‘beliebers’ waiting for him for concerts etc is bit more than a mistake dont ya think

      • Actually, he kind if is stupid, he did those things because management wanted him to clean his image

      • Get a life if you really didnt like him u would waist your time commenting this bullsh– stop being a hater and shut the fu– up

  15. My name is jenzele

  16. Ya I dont like justin bieber

  17. or maybe the fact the believe movie was playing in only 900 theaters on its opening week. Or no that’s not it!