Bounty Killer Diss Mavado, Ace Hood, Boycott Birthday Bash

Bounty Killer is cross, angry and miserable at Mavado right now and Miami rapper Ace Hood is caught in the middle of the beef.

Bounty Killer boycotted Mavado’s birthday bash last Saturday despite being on the roster to perform and now we know why.

It’s all because of the poster for the show. Apparently Bounty Killer did not like the fact that Mavado and Ace Hood photo were bigger than his on the poster.

This is what the dancehall legend told a fan on Twitter.

“Ace Wood or Vado nuh big like mi little finger how him pic bigger than mine a vado general?” Bounty Killer tweeted.

Here is the official poster at the center of Bounty Killer’s anger.

Mavado birthday bash poster

Despite Bounty Killer’s absence, Mavado’s birthday bash at Famous nightclub in Portmore was a big hit. A slew of dancehall artists took the stage including Popcaan, Beenie Man, Chase Cross and the Gully Gad himself who performed with his labelmate Ace Hood.

Share your thoughts on Bounty Killer’s comments below.


  1. i understand killer if its movado birthday we both to head it the rest in the back

  2. If this is the only reason Bounty killa is too damn grown to be acting like a child

  3. I agree 100 percent Vegas situation Bounty is wrong .Divagurl may be he is unhappy from not touring .Anthony B just dissed Bounty but he didn’t answer ..
    When the fans hate u not good .

  4. A suh you a gwaan Bounty really? You vex caasin dem pitcha bigga dan fi u suh u throw tantrum like pickney an nuh show up? Come on do betta a idiaat ting dat man kmt!

  5. I don’t give a rat crap Bounty has a point . Movado bringing Ace to JA was a slap in Bounty face . I am not saying Ace shouldn’t be on the show but Movado worshipping rappers . At the end of the day remember where u r coming from . Hope they will fix this situation and move on . Living in the US
    is a different life style for Movado he needs to stay positive . We have good and bad Jamaicans when anything happen America will close the door on us .

    • Blessings NYC One. What Bounty should have done is rather than throw a tantrum via Twitter, him should have gone to the party and blown up with his lyrics instead of what he did do which in my opinion made him look foolish! A picture? Come on, so petty … Whatever issues he seems to have wid Movado about this guy could have an should have been dealt with better and not so public too.

  6. ah time bounty killa hold a seat an’ leg go di twitter ting. jah know breddren…him come in like a likkle picney. him couldn’t did call di man? steupps

    • Bounty Killer big up me general – when some bowy a run down you van – them never now at that time say you bad mine – When you a feed them and them family you never bad mine – You have some people there head is only to wear a cap – they are as dumb as a fence post – Mofrado we nuh spend battyman money we rather die first

  7. u know what i notice with jamaican people from a man disagree with somting him BADMIND it is full time we start act litterate for ex. if a man walk and buck him toe the stone bBADMIND if a man walk unda a tree and a fruit fall and hit him in the head the tree BADMIND we r so arrogant who help the most artist in the business and still a help artist fi mek money BOUNTY KILLER and yet still him BADMIND u c killa dont get the level of respect he deserve killa is the most positive astist in the bussiness up to today name one artist mafrado help just one and dont seh waste crossess cause him a no artist

  8. your a player hater str888888888888 the general has a point if mofrado rate the killa as him seh y him no show it all i can c is mofrado a style the killa and this is just another even waste crossess picture bigger than the general own and talkin about faggot a who a roll wid faggot rappers check u facts

    • Sorry Bounty behaving like a spoilt brat! Him is a big man an a behave suh stupid ova a pitcha? Afta him a nuh God! Did he think that the party would flop widout him? Well he got that wrong….he just made a bigger fool of himself tbh…kmt

  9. my yute unu go read and stop listen oneside story cause vada a dis di gereral to

  10. War lord go easy man mi rate you still bt dnt diss the gully god becuz a him defend the link wen the bleacher get him buss and switch

  11. A turn pon yuh own who next bounty yah sadamite go find a life

  12. Killa yuh bad mind

  13. Killa a fassy him bad the youth them cause him a DJ from how long and him nuh have nutten out of it low the man them mi can’t believe him turn on him own a pu–y that bwoy bounty need a life it sticky pon yuh

  14. why popcaan deh at a gully event for . popcaan switch su quik GAZA styl .

  15. from me find out the real reason why him a war Vegas me lose off a Killer and him a run him mouth on twitter nuh make better… smh

  16. bounty a faggot for this sh-t. this petty a$$ sh-t. red dirty eye hater. thru him career flop out n di Gawd a gwan strong.

  17. Former Bounty Killer fan

    Bounty Killer badmind and it obvious right now. Killer shoulda have him own label and a sign artist instead a still a voice fi other producers and a trace other artists pon Twitter. SMH

  18. Mi loose ratings fi the Killa fi this. This is just petty. Yo buss Mavado and Kartel and the two a dem a do big things fi dancehall music and fi Jamaica