Aidonia – One Voice (80’S Dancehall Style) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi seh mi born in a Jamaica 1981
Mother was a teacher, father was a soldier man
Mother grow mi good, a good strong black woman
Father grow mi good, yo know mi know the right from wrong
Another Brook school mi get mi education
And when mi burn mi herb mi hold mi meditation
Tell the ghetto youth them seh fi stay strong
No bother watch the trial and the tribulation
No bother tek no pressure from the situation
No bother do no wrong them lock you up a station
Deh one yah reaching out yeh to every nation
A unity wi waan no waan no segregation
Mi no waan no Taliban no drop, no drop, no drop no bomb
Wi no waan no rappa, papa, papa, papa, papa, papa, pam
Waan fi hold allot a land like Materlon
Yo know wi naw go rob, wi no go meck no blacka slang

Hey no touch hi, no touch hi, do no touch the dan
No touch hi, no touch hi, do no touch the dan
No touch hi, no touch hi, do no touch the dan
No touch hi, no touch hi, do no touch the dan

(Verse 2)
Tell yo some artiste on Jamaican land
Big up the great Bob Marley from down a ST. Ann
Big up him son Stephen Marley and him son Junior Gong
Big up Buju Banton, big up Buro banton
Big up Sizzla Colonji and Capleton
Big up Bounty Killer and Big up Beenie Man
Big up Super Cat and big up Ninjaman
Big up Admaral Daily and Shaba Ranks
Big up Lutanent, Stitchy and Papasan
The chain round mi neck it yellow like Yellow Man
Mi steam up a fish and mash it up wid yellow yam
Sparta some ice, some sugar and lemon
Weed and grabber mi a rub up in a hand
Weh mi drink yo know seh that a di dragon
Jayds meck sure a the spit fire one
Bartender no have none out a the clip fire one
Look in a the mack black biemer a the dan
Everyday mi roll out wid bout 100 grand
People a wonder if a drugs just land
Music mi do, mi sing nough hit song
Jamaica a seh one voice a bad man
Hey, big up all shower man and spanglers

Big up Jungle man and big up Remer man
Big up Gordon man Big up Max Field man
Big up Rose Town man and Fletchers Land
Big up Marvally and Big up Juise Land
Big up Fire House, Tower Hill, Samacon
Big up Kid Lane Man, Man from Waltom
Big up Mckoy Lane Man and Pain Land
Big up 100 Park Lane and Common

From a White Hall yo know a 12 lane Man
Manings Hill RD and the big yard gang
Big up the whole a grands Pen caw the whole a deh so ram
Hey watch it meck mi done them in a style and Patton
Big RR bike a flash and a dash on
Flash it and mi dash it, and mi gone barbican
Stop a stand pipe and mi buy a grand bag
Then mi gone up the road, August town weh mi land
Link up Colonji, Judgement Yard gang man
Link up Kentire and link up tavon

(Repeat Chorus)