Blake Shelton Predicts Tessanne Chin To Win The Voice 2013

There are a lot of prediction and polls that show Tessanne Chin the hot favourite to win The Voice 2013.

But perhaps one of the most powerful voice among the noise is five times The Voice champion judge Blake Shelton, who predicted that the Jamaican songstress will be the winner of season five of The Voice.

NEWS: Poll Shows Tessanne Chin The Hot Favourite To Win The Voice 2013

Of course Blake will not have a winner from his team this year since they were all sent home. The showdown is between Team Adam, who has two contestants, and Team Christina, who has one.

Blake Shelton The Voice

The Emmy-winning show will see its final live performances from the Top 3 contestants Tessanne Chin, Will Champlin and Jacquie Lee tonight, Monday December 16. The winner of The Voice will be named on tomorrow night, Tuesday December 17.

Who do you think will win The Voice 2013?

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  1. Tessanne…U go girl…My faith in this show and America is restored. Love you and wish you much success!

  2. Plzzzzzzzzzzz you kno tess got this competition is about tess and the tessless so for she wining.

  3. Crystal Gaunt Stambaugh

    jaquie all the way. Tessanne is so fake. She says she is from Boston but then she acts like she is from another country just so everyone will vote for her. I have never voted for her and I hope she doesn’t win

    • Ohh plz n when did u hear she said she was from Boston get tha fu– outa here. U n that annoying screaming child can dismisse your selves

    • Carlene Ann Gonzales

      Tessanne never said she is from Boston. She is from JAMAICA. Haters will HATE. In Jamaica we say “ONE LOVE”

    • Tessanne has never said she was from Boston! That was a joke if you had watched the segment properly! Tessanne is the most genuine person ever and as much as Jacqui is good it’s not her time yet but I don’t doubt she will be a star in her own right. Tessanne has never hid where she comes from and is very proud of her heritage which Jamaican .. Your vote doesn’t matter anyway and thank The Lord not everyone thinks like you. Tessanne has every chance of winning this hands down and I hope she does!

    • There is absolutely nothing fake about Tessanne. That’s what people admire about her. Jamaicans are one of the most authentic set of people you can ever meet. Tess did not ever try to fake her accent nor disown her culture. The show was searching for “The Voice” not just any voice, and guess what? This beautiful one happened to come from Jamaica and it was recognized and well received. Now you cannot accept it. Well sorry. We got it!
      I invite you to visit Jamaica and get to know us. We are a happy, loving, talented and the most genuine folks you will ever meet.
      Take care of your mind now. Keep it nice and clean 🙂

    • You dumb motherf—er, she is from Jamaica any real person can see that and hear it in her voice. Pataw can’t be duplicate… so go kill yourself and die slow.. smh

  4. Tessanne Chin has one of the most star quality voices I’ve heard in a long time. She sings flawlessly and delivers with amazing precision, and doesn’t have to scream to be heard like her female rival; not to say that she doesn’t have a good voice but she fails in comparison to Tessanne’s song bird quality. Tessanne is not a Diva, she’s a beautiful woman with a voice that has mega star status!

  5. It Ligit needs to be an Adam member can’t stand Jackie lee she could not survive without christina aguilera

  6. i am positive dat tessanne will win and make all jamaicans proud.. tess av been doin soo well and will continue to make us look forward for the best frm her.. be strong 2nite we are all rite behind you… all the way #teamtessanne…

  7. Will did not seem to have a coach last night his would be coach said Tessanne would win shame on you Adam

    • I agree. Will did not get a fair chance. Adam did not give him the right song choices. Adam had two contestants.

      • I really liked Will as well as Tessanne. The thing with him was that he had the right songs but he didn’t begin to really shine and get into his stride until the last couple of weeks which was a shame I wish he’d shown this much earlier o. I’m not worried about him as he’s going to go far with that lovely unique voice and I wish him well but it was always Tessanne for me…bridge over trouble water…she actually made me cry and that note she held for almost 17 seconds? Well the competition is now over and a worthy winner chosen. Not everyone agrees with the choice as they had their favourites but the final 3 were the right 3 and they all did well.

  8. tessanne chin we love you win or loose ur still a jamaican we r looking forward for u to win TESSANNE

  9. Tess should send a thank you note to Coach Christina. Her over the top “girl love” for Jacquie combined with a horrible duet insured the solid Tess will win!

  10. Team jamaica all the way.

  11. Tessanne keeps on bringing world class performance week after week. And the thing is that she is so versatile from Jimmy Cliff, to Katy Perry to Whitney Houston. Winner of the Voice 2013 Hands Down.

  12. Tessanne Chin did everything she needed to do to win this competition. She gave first class performances on all the songs she was asked to sing. She is the only one on this year’s show with that distinction. She was phenomenal!!!! Tessanne Chin should have her voice insured…….seriously!!!!