Khago – Any Weh The Rifle Wave Lyrics

Any weh di rifle wave
It left yuh face down in a yo grave
Yow di whole world check seh yuh brave
Khago a beat him like slave yea

(Verse 1)
No yuh seh thank yuh mama an a tell mi s*ck mi mother
Mi rather bi a jacket than fi call yuh mi dada
Yuh pick up Hennessey an yuh dash weh di baba roots
Yuh better sell yo turban to spragga
Well mi hear di bubo nam pu**y every Saturday Sabbath
An watch mi an mi gyal dem like yuh a fagot
Come a running off yo mouth like parrot
Shot crawl in a yo skin pu**y hole like maggot
Yow a me meck di pu**y cyan sleep from wa day
A drink pay coffee cause him thing set away
Broke like a dog cyan by shots fi K
Hear mi mobay

Di gyal dem seh di bubo bwoy love shot di bishop
A yam under sheet caw him c**ky cyan get up
Naw waste no time an a talk bout stick up
Lick yo duppy meck yo gyal friend piss up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
After mi deh yah a sort out mi 3 sum
No this bubo come a offer mi beat down
Hope yuh pick yo grave spot in a Kingston
Caw foxy brown seh yo love role tongue
Yo si yuh yuh come a flex like di reggae bully
When yuh an bred back lock up a play catch di juvi
An way o do to noris man yuh could a never do mi
Mi suicidal a that alone do mi
Yuh just a seh weh mi live when yuh don’t got a clue
But mi know seh yuh live up a richings avenue
Mi wi meck ricky ticky set a bomb in a yo shoe
Or di treat pison yo whole soul

(Repeat Chorus)

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