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Reggae Grammy Head Says Snoop Win Would Be Travesty

When Snoop Dogg changed his moniker to Snoop Lion last year and ventured into reggae, it became a big controversy in some quarters of the genre.

Now Snoop received a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album for his reggae debut Reincarnated and it is creating even more controversy.

NEWS: Snoop Lion’s “Reincarnated” Gets Grammy Nomination For Best Reggae Album

According to former chairman of the Grammy Awards Reggae Committee, Roger Steffens, if Snoop Lion win the 2014 reggae Grammy it will be a travesty.

This is what he told the Observer:

“I think it would be a travesty if Snoop wins. He, like Matisyahu and many others before him, have used a Rasta-influenced format and warped it toward their own ends.”

“The nominations this year fit into the pocket of name recognition more than anything else, regardless of sales or actual quality.”

Reincarnated is the top selling reggae album this year with over 80,000 copies sold. The album debut at the top of the reggae Billboard chart.

The album, produced by Major Lazer, featured appearances from Popcaan, Mavado, Rita Ora, and more.

Do you think it would be a travesty if Snoop Lion win the reggae Grammy?

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  1. It’s a terrible record.

  2. 79000 who buy it nah listen reggae otherwise. He no represent reggae massive and their liking

  3. Snoop dog must not win any reggae Grammy dwl becuz him a nuh reggae artiste . Sizzla all the way hope sizzla win it

  4. Music belongs to everyone and further more Snoop did not say reggae music belong to him. He paid a lot of homage to Jamaica. Did this guy even watch the Reincarnated documentary. ish like this why big name artists dont want to work with reggae artists from Jamaica anymore. too much hostility.