Mavado – Dem A Try Style Man Lyrics

Jamaica yes you love the gully gaad yo know
And am the baddest thing you ever si and everybody know
Tower Hill seh rifle them gi them a clip long
Mi walk pass a them bod mi spit pon
Them a no hit man, them bwoy deh a lip man
Them a freak yo gyal piss pon

The war engine turn on go tell the bwoy them seh
Hungry belly john crow draw them weh
Kill them and done the chigger fling and seh

The pu–y them a try style man and a seh loyalty
But when mi kill the pu–y them a war casualty
Because them just a duppy bat and all the blind man si
Mi swear them a no killer fi mi

(Verse 1)
Mi no trust them, rifle in a them bloodclaat head
Pu–y stop use mi name brush yo teeth like toothpaste
Jamaica know you a two face
A tell yo friend them fi kill chase
Yo could a live inna a grill place
Everything a dead the brico wave
Hot up the place like microwave
Mr pu–y yo like yo grave?
Yo know mi sick, mi psycho ways

Two face bwoy si mi and a laugh up
Laugh up a them blood them a cough up
Bomboclaat when da war yah start up
Freak bwoy weh the gyal them seh cyaa f

When yo si mi pon the left tek da side deh
Freaky tek da side deh
Mi kill fi fun, mi no want fi avoid mi
No need no man fi guide mi
Send the short one and the tall one come
Gully Gaad kill them all and done
Rifle a slap and mi naw beg fun
Bwoy mother bwal and run
Unknown walk out and empty a clip
Gum weh them a try empty a stick
Mi get fi find out them a plenty a lip
Rapid verse wid 20 a stick

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi never hear them name call pon a one crime
Them bwoy deh a pu–y from long time
Man kill fi the fame and kill fi the game
Man kill fi one coin
A no nothing if them dead because them badmind

The world know mi gangster religion
Yuh a filter flight vision
Yo hate mi cause mi ambition
There’s no competition
Mi real bad and yuh know that
Fi yo badness a throwback
Somebody call 911 by them time is a tag pon yo toe that

(Repeat Chorus)