Vybz Kartel Trial Day 12 Live Update: The Public Defender Letter

Vybz Kartel murder trial is now in its 12th day in the Home Circuit court.

The dancehall star, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is on trial for the alleged murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Kartel Murder Trial: Public Defender Subpoena To Hand Over Witness Letter

Kartel is jointly charged along with his protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Yesterday Public Defender Earl Witter handed over a hand written letter to the court which is believed to be sent to him by the prosecution’s main witness.

A hand writing analysis will be done to determine if the witness did in fact penned that letter, a notion he denied in court yesterday.

The witness allegedly wrote the letter the Public Defender in November 2011, after saying he saw Clive Williams after the day of the attack on August 16, 2011.

The witness also allegedly complained in the letter that he was being forced to testify by police officers.

According to authorities, Williams was beaten to death at a home in Havendale over a missing firearm believed to be belonging to Vybz Kartel.

His body has not been found.

If found guilty the accused men could received life sentences.


Today’s session delays until 2 p.m. to facilitate an inquiry into a letter the main witness allegedly sent to the Public Defender.


Defense attorneys are also interviewing a Digicel telecommunications expert who will give testimony in court.


Police officers had to remove a large crowd of mostly school kids who gathered outside the court along King Street. There was a false rumor spreading that Vybz Kartel was freed.


Trial adjourned early today because no witness was available to take the stand.

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  1. Then what next because we need to know when di world boss is back in court

  2. It is clear that Clive Williams was killed no doubt about that – It is also clear that Chow was there when it took place – If Kartel and is friends are innocent give answers to the following – why would your own dog bite you – answer if your scare the animal – what could cause the animal to be scared – why did they not go back to the house when finished at the hospital If the only thing that happen was a dog bite – where is the dog – For what reason did they go to a guested house after just been bitten by a dog would you – why was the house burnt – we are so fixated on what is irrelevant we overlook the facts that are right in front of us

    • Well the prosecution did a poor job at presenting the case I would say.

    • you right alot of this case dont make no sense at all . if i was afraid of kartel or his friends i would not be getting in a car with him knowning he can take me somewhere else to kill me right.worldboss is being set as a example .Same sh– did they to tupac wit his rape charge

  3. Whether innocent or guilty, the evidence so far is, circumstancial at best, and complete fabrication at worst. These aren’t the levels of proof, that should dictate a man’s liberty. I for one, am still awaiting the viewing of the alleged video tape. May I suggest that it is obvious, that there has been a hidden agenda to this case, all along. Peoples lives should never be subject to the whims of those who have the power, but so often that is the case.

  4. I just imagine the huge crowd that will be there on hand to celebrate when the Teacher do road come Friday