Deablo – Mommy Alright Now Lyrics

Anything shi seh fi do
Mi do no question it
Teach mi how to bring the belly don’t listen it
Mi mother working hard from the day mi know mi self
Fi meck mi life better fi mi live the best of it
Yo did yo job mama time fi yo rest a bit
A my time now fi mi do the rest of it
Mi seh don’t stress yo head meck yo pressure lift
All when shot a fire, all when flesh a lift

Mi run the road hard right now
Mi haffi meck some money meck mi mother live some real life
Mi wi live the star life now
Mi naw go tek mi money mine no gyal a weh yo feel like

Seh anything yo waan right now
Just tell mi what it is mommy mi give yuh the green light
Everything haffi alright now
Mi haffi meck some money caw mi waan yo live some real life

(Verse 1)
When mi feel like giving up and feeling hopeless
Shi motivate mi cause a mother always knows best
Cyaa in a name brand and mi mother clothe less
Mi buy mi self one shirt, mi buy are four dress
No left are homeless, run and let the gold rest
Get are the house first and the Rav 4 next
When the time is coldest
Rain a fall, road wet
Still a tek it on mi naw go meck that stop mi progress

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
When yo friend them change pon yuh like weather
And the gyal end up fi be yo life wrecker
Yo mother always waan fi si yo life better
Member 9 months shi carry yuh like stretcher
A love genuine like high price leader
more while mi Sunday dinner a deh piece a dry bread yah
Never diss mi mother I will try never
And nobody in the world cyaa change up my statue

(Repeat Chorus)