Demarco – Grabba In My Weed Lyrics

(Verse 1)
High grade smoking everywhere
Babylon a come but wi no care
To ratid mi one spliff done now
Haffi get back some cush someway somehow
Naw go ever si mi in a no coke zone
Mi love high grade weh home grown
If yuh no have no cush and yo waan buy
Call 988-3514 fi order

Grabber in my weed
No carry no seed
Meck mi eyes a bleed
That a wa mi need, me waan
So gimmi my light
Pass my light
And we cant stop
Challis load back
Coke head cyaa ask mi fi no light
Unuh too bloodclaat fing bright

We cant stop
Challis load back
None smokers cyaa spar wid we
Excuse mi meck mi light my weed

(Verse 2)
Day no pass when mi no go check Kiki
The way mi regular him gimmi weed free
So anytime mi step in the party
Wi haffi have a pass fi rapped up from Archy
Love off Antom weed it smell don’t?
It a kick like Addidas shell toe
Spliff long till it a bend like elbow
Bwoy try gimmi bush weed mi seh hell no

(Repeat Chorus)