Kanye West declared Kim Kardashian The Most Beautiful Woman Of All Time

There is no doubt Kanye West love his baby mother Kim Kardashian.

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper stopped by Hot 97’s Angie Martinez yesterday with his baby mother Kim Kardashian by his side.

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Kanye West told Martinez that he recently signed a new deal with Adidas after turning down a deal with Nike. These days you can’t do a Kanye interview without asking him about his reality star fiancee.

This is what Yeezy said about Kim Kardashian’s beauty:

“Ya’ll acting like this ain’t the most beautiful woman of all time, arguably of human existence,” Kanye said. “The top 10 of human existence. I don’t give a fu– what type of jacket she got on.”

On his new deal with Adidas, Kanye said he turned down a bad deal with Nike and signed with Adidas.

“Nike told me we can’t give you a royalty because you’re not a professional athlete,” Kanye said. “I’m a performance athlete.”

Yeezus also said he plans on turning up his money to Jay-Z and Diddy level.

Watch the interview below.