5 Major Developments In Vybz Kartel Trial After First Week

It’s been a week since Vybz Kartel’s high profile murder trial gets underway in the Home Circuit court in Kingston.

Although there were no significant developments to make a strong prediction on the outcome of the case, there were enough to make you scratch your head.

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Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, is on trial for the alleged murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. The “Dacehall Hero” deejay was jointly charged along with Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, Shane Williams, and Calvin “Moonie” Haye.

After over two years behind bars, the trial gets off the ground on Monday, November 18, 2013.

The trial is still young so there are a lot more to come from both the prosecution and defense attorneys.

Here are the five most significant developments in the case this week.

1. The victim sister testimony

kartel shawn storm

Clive Williams’ sister took the witness stand on Wednesday and Thursday where she recalled seeing her brother looking uneasy two days before his disappearance. She broke down on the witness stand while being questioned by the defense attorneys about the details of what occured leading up to August 16, 2011. The lawyers showed her some compassion and not ask her too many questions.

She said she gave him $3000 two days before his disappearance to ran away from the Portmore community. She said she just wanted to know if her brother is still alive.

How can this affect the outcome of the case?

Simple, her testimony is enough to work on the jurors emotions and that could be bad for the defense.

2. Forensic investigator testimony

vybz kartel cuff

Forensic investigator Avrel Thomas took the witness stand and told the court that he saw blood stain at the home in Havendale where Clive Williams was allegedly murdered on August 16, 2011.

How can this affect the case?

This revelation may not have any significant effects on the outcome of the trial unless DNA test from that bloodstain proved to be that of the victim. So far we don’t know but the trial is far from over.

3. The victim charge with illegal possession of firearm

Vybz-kartel outside court

One of the major development in the case was when Clive Williams sister told the court that her brother was previously charged with illegal possession of a firearm and shooting with intent.

How can this affect the case?

The defense attorneys can say in their closing arguments that the victim was a criminal and could have been on anyone hit list. After all these are two very serious charges.

4. SSP Cornwall ‘Bigga’ Ford lost the official statement

Bigga Ford

Popular Senior Superintendent of police Cornwall ‘Bigga’ Ford took the witness stand and was grilled by the defense attorneys about the arrest statement. Ford told the courts that he did not complete the official statement until it was requested on December 14, 2011. Vybz Kartel was arrested on September 30, 2011.

Ford also said he lost his notepad with the original notes sometime between late December and early January during a relocation of the flying squad offices.

The defense attorneys also accused the senior officer leaking details the arrest to the press.

How can this affect the case?

The defense attorneys can argue that the statement was tampered with. Regarding the strong media presence on the day of Vybz Kartel’s arrest, the defense can say that was a ply by the police force to prejudice the case.

5. Vybz Kartel’s co-accused Calvin “Moonie” Haye exonerated

Calvin Moonie Haye

Fashion designer/stylist Calvin “Moonie” Haye was one of five other men jointly charged with Vybz Kartel for Clive Williams murder.

After two years in and out of jail, the prosecution dropped the charge against Haye due to lack of evidence.

How can this affect the case?

The defense attorneys can argue that the prosecution does not know what they are doing after keeping Haye on a serious murder charge for two years only to set him free due to lack of evidence.

The trial is scheduled to run from November 18 to December 6. Still two weeks to go and a lot can happen during that time.

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