Di Genius – Me Alone Lyrics

Warning, warning, warning
Wi bun dem out from morning, morning, morning
Wi speak the truth an speak it ever cause it what it will
Dem get kill down hill
Big ship a tell dem

Well if a me alone nuff things couldn’t gwann
Mi cyan believe mi catch dem a mash up wi Dancehall
If a me alone nuff madness couldn’t play
Mi a easy an a pree dem an a watch dem from wah day

Well if a me alone nuff things couldn’t gwann
Mi see the thing a shift up ask dem weh wi culture gone
Well if a me alone nuff things couldn’t play
Mi a watch dem from wah day here mi now well

(Verse 1)
Mi just a easy watch dem
Bag a man a fight fi the top ten
Yow unu no si that a the problem
Politician tune the only way fii solve dem
So unu listen mi clearly an
Nuff a dem wah seh dem a radio man
From mi no in a dem link dem no play yo song
Unu get it from Johny Wonder email yo song
Well watch yah now
Mi know dem a go vex an curse when dem hear this lord yea
Remember who the cap fit wear it
Listen mi now
Nuff a dem a hype an a buy out the media
Oh lord because the truth dem no like mi
Me no like dem neither

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bag a money that some selector bwoy wann
A that dem use fi help mash up da supn yah
Cayn call mi phone mi not even answer mi cellular
Long time mi deh in a the music me naw look no friend in yah
Listen Jamaica fi wi thing no regular
Our music our culture the people begging for
Meck wi buckle up an chuckle up an gi dem wah dem waan
Wah teck some a unu fi ask unu da supn yah
Wah unu know bout 24 tracken
Dancehall Reggae an Rutes Rocken
Long before some club when dance did a keep wid column big speaker baton
And mi feel like some a dem youth yah would a try better if dem know the facts
Good thing seh wii have some producer like Shem round from roun a jute box
Now don’t you think that am just simple complaining
But right now wi only losing that gaming
We need to realize when this fun usto beating lord
So lets get it together an get this music more meaning

(Repeat Chorus)