Elephant Man & Busy Signal – Party Anthem (Xmas Mix) Lyrics

The party no fi done so early
It fi gwaan till a morning
DJ play the tune and meck the gyal them bruk out till dawning

Yea it’s being a long, long, time
Wi no party till morning and si the sunshine
Sound just string up dem dial 119
Tell them party a no crime

(Verse 1)
From them seh party, we ready fi start hi
Roll out the Benz, and the Beemer, and the Audi
Money in a the duffel bag tugs dem a guard hi
Smoke more weed that Snoop Doggy, Doggy
Ciroc and Vodka a buss up in a wi head
Jah, Jah, a wi guard so wi no fraid a illuminaty
When anybody shoot up a foreign dem seh a yaardy
Wi asher than mustang, raddish and vosaki
Party harder than the Africans dem in a Zimbabwe
Wannabee wi na be them sell out Markus Garvy party
Man a entertain the gyal dem like Steve Harvey

Shorty step to mi a seh Busy where the Barby?
Shi ready fi set are money paw mi like a daddy
Mi and the Gaad a spar weh bring energy to the party
Gyal wine up yo body, show them seh yo got hi
Officer no lock it off, easy no squaddy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
As 2 o clock pass them seh party fi lock off
Police come pop off
Blue light road lock off
Never find no gun or no drugs all dem a talk
Search everybody and end up looking like a jackass

A riot a go gwaan, the promoter dem a talk
No liquor no sell out a the stock weh the truck drop off
How wi fi survive when the city is a knock off
Promoter seh him salt, him a go a sea go wash off
Hold on Busy, this a the season weh everybody out
Party a the word in a everybody mouth
Food and clothing in a everybody house
No bother lock off the dance, mi hear everybody shout

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)