Mavado – Keep It Blazing Lyrics

Keep it blazing
Keep it blazing
More fire

(Verse 1)
So what? Gully pon the top and mi no drop
Some likkle phoney would a love fi si mi drop
Some likkle fassy would a love fi si mi shot and hold a dirt nap
But wi no stop, wi do it fi the ghetto youth them pon the block
WI do it fi the sexy gyal them wid the fat
Mi want yo listen revolution pon the track

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi look back paw mi past
Now mi living in the present
Am a present, a present
So many gone up to heaven
So many living in a hell
SO many spen shell
So many soul sell
So many stuck in a the struggle like a jail cell
So many fear well
So many youths fell
Still wi haffi carry on

(Repeat Chorus)

Burning up, burning up
Turning up, turning up
Turning up, turning up
Naw give up

Yow throughout yo trial and yo tribulation
Keep yo fire burning hot like the sun
Wi a the choosing one

(Repeat Chorus 2X)