Mariah Carey Says Nicki Minaj Is Like ‘Satan In Hell’ On American Idol [VIDEO]

The Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj feud is nowhere near over, at least not for the pop super star.

Mariah and Minaj has been long rumored to be feuding with each other but things grew intense when the two assumed judging duties on American Idol.

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Apparently the talent show is still a sore point for Mariah Carey because she just compared the experience to being in hell.

Speaking with Angie Martinez on Hot 97, Mariah says she will never go back on Idol.

“I hated it,” Mariah said. “I was lead to believe, because I was the first person signed on. I thought it would be a three person panel. They gave me a nice dangling monetary moment… So I was like Randy Jackson will be there and I’ve known him forver because he use to play bass for me. So i said this isn’t a big deal, but it wasn’t that. It was like hell, going to work everyday in hell with satan.”

Marey Carey then laughed it off and said it didn’t affect her that much. But perhaps she is just trying to avoid some backlash from Nicki Minaj and her barbz.

Watch the interview below.

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