Ward 21 Unleashes Dutty Fowl

Known for their hard hitting beats and catchy melodies, Ward 21 has always been the group that injects the fun in dancehall music. With the release of their latest project, Dutty Fowl riddim, they have continued on that path.

The group who stormed on to the dancehall scene in 1999 with their smash hit Bada Bada riddim, have seen their new project already being heavily rotated by various radio disc jocks who have found it to be both entertaining and dancehall authentic.

“For us, everything we do have to be about producing authentic dancehall. We do not want anything to be watered down,” Ward 21’s Kunley said. “Dancehall is about up tempo rhythm and beats because Jamaicans love to dance and right now, we need music we can dance to. Our rhythms are all about the fun,” Kunley continued.

The Dutty Fowl riddim features acts like Ward 21 and dancehall diva Timberlee, who recently returned to the island from a European tour. “After taking some time off to complete my studies and heading out to tour, I felt this riddim was perfect to reintroduce myself to dancehall music, just to let them know that I am back,” Timberlee said.

Ward 21 who are also known for unleashing fresh talent (think Tifa and Timberlee), have a few new acts on the new rhythm as well. New artistes; Point O, LOC, Dee Wunn, Marcy Chin and CK are also featured and have been working extensively to promote their tracks.

As for the name of the rhythm, Kunley explains, “Ward 21 is crazy; it’s just something I came up with.” The rhythm is expected to do very well and may very well be the start of something epic for the new artistes who are featured.