Shaggy Ft. Cocoa Tea & Joe – Like Never Before Lyrics

Your gonna make me smile like I’ve never smile girl
Love like I’ve never love girl
Hold me like I’ve never did before

Gonna make me sing like I’ve never sing yea
Love Like I’ve never love girl
Hold me like I’ve never did before

(Verse 1)
Baby girl you have my heart
Woman you infiltrate my soul
Anchoring my loving have the keys to open doors
Am giving you my all like I’ve never did before
Girl the loving weh yo give is genuine and secure
A never really seen it coming you hit me like a nail
Loving is all I need you are the wind inside my sail
Am giving you everything down to the smallest details
Girl am never giving up because your love will never fail

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Promise to never leave you girl you always pon my side
Whenever that she need me hope we both swallow our pride
Even when the road is rocky two a we a lide
Cause I believe I got only the two a we assign
Blessings from mr catch
That’s all we have is time
Flawless in your statue, girl you so refine
Know that your my one and only trust me everytime
Always love fi si you like a when the sun a shine

Cause she’s a wonderful
This is no ordinary love
She’s a remarkable
Am losing sleep without your love
She text me hi
Every time she text me hi
She text me hi
Am almost touching the sky

(Repeat Chorus)